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x’mas is coming!

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it has been a tiring week because I had to submit an essay on Friday but I’m glad that’s over!

These are the nails I did for Cherry’s wedding, will blog abt it if I’m not too lazy =x

oh and see what I meant by I love having ribbons in my hair?

And because Christmas is coming, we got a tree!

I had a wonderful weekend, what about you? 🙂


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November 28, 2010 at 10:20 AM

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BKK trip – Day 3 & 4

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say Hi to everyone Eeyore, he accompanied us for this trip. Peiyi said that she will bring him wherever she goes o.0

The start of another day in shopping paradise.

Centralworld is cool, they have an ice-skating rink!

and presenting to you, item of the day:

showed this to T and he came up with a lot of other taglines like:

1) He do the laundry, I watch tv.

2) He washes the dishes, I surf net.

etc etc =p

Anyway, due to the massive amount of items we bought, we had to head back to the hotel to unload before heading back to Platinum again!

Btw the mcdees coupons here are awesome! Buy 1 fries, get 1 free.

By the time we left Platinum (again), it was already quite dark and there were some street food.

The kebabs are super yummeh! only 10baht for a stick.

Headed to the night market since Peiyi wanted to get local food. The amount that she allocated for food is super kua zhang! haha, guess different family cultures ba.

It started to rain when we were buying the food and we started freaking out because of all the flood rumors.

quickly tapao-ed pizza and rushed back to hotel.

some more food photos heh 😉

and that pretty much sums up a day.

Day 4’s plan was to go Platinum (yes again -__-) and then headed over to MBK to do nails.

I’m loving the “ribbon accessory on hair” look! ❤

My nails done at MBK at a shop near Swensens. Only 500baht for finger + toe nails!

And the best buy of my BKK trip?

time to start planning for another holiday! ^.^

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November 18, 2010 at 10:12 AM

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BKK trip – Day 2

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Wore a dress that my sis insisted that I bring along, and slippers I bought outside MBK for 80 baht 😀

After breakfast in hotel, we went to straight to Platinum Fashion Mall. omg super excited!!!!

For those taking public transport, you need to alight at Chit Lom, walk towards Centralworld and exit from Isetan. Then it’s about a 3 mins walk towards Platinum. For the first day, we took a longer way but we figured out on the second day. Saved us time + $$ on tuk tuk.

the endless rows of shops. my heart literally skipped a beat and my body flushed with heat from the excitement I was feeling. We quickly devised a strategy to make sure we dont miss any shops: start from one corner and then go zig-zag all the way.

Had lunch at their food court which is located on level 6. For foodcourts in BKK, you would need to purchase a card in order to buy food. The remaining value can be redeemed back.

I didn’t know about their system till I ordered, and I was lazy to go get a card so I used a stranger’s card and gave him $$ back.

And ta-da! Chicken Curry rice which costs 40baht, which is less than sgd$2!

And I am so amazed by the fact that their food court sells alcohol.

And we went back to shopping! Didn’t take a lot of photos because I was too distracted trying to get good buys 😉

And my loots for the day 😀

significantly more than yesterday! But we only completed 2.5 floors before we decided to call it a day and head back to hotel for ROOM SERVICE.

looking at my carbonara’s photo is making me all hungry. it was really good but the price is about the same as SG since this is room service x_x

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November 14, 2010 at 8:06 AM

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BKK trip – Day 1

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After talking about a holiday together since forever, we finally booked tickets for BKK together!

excited much! flight was at 715am and dearest daddy sent me and bestie as usual to the airport. if there’s only 1 guy a girl can count on, it has gotta be her dad right? Of course, I have T now and I’m certainly hoping I could count on him in future ^.^

Any-oh-hows, we arrived safely in BKK courtesy of Jetstar and took a cab straight to the hotel. It was about half an hour ride via the expressway and only ~400baht!

Kingston Suites is a 4-star hotel, and we booked the most expensive room since there was a promotion going on. Works out to be sgd$120/person for 3 nights and the promotion includes breakfast too. It was a very satisfactory experience, only complain is that it is a 5 min walk from the station, which isn’t really anything to complain about since there is FREE TUK TUK SERVICE TO THE STATION!

Enough yakking, this is our room complete with high ceilings and huge mirrors. What’s not to love? 😉

The tv was hugeeeee! I am someone who will find a music channel and leave it on for the whole time while I’m in the room, but Peiyi will find some movie channel. So we always end up switching the channels when either one of us is away hahahhahah.

There is no bathtub, but it doesn’t matter to me cuz I am not a fan of soaks anyway. Unless, I have a good book, bubbles, and wine?

While I was busy snapping photos of the room, she was busy bbm-ing JW.

Thailand is one hour behind Singapore time, so it was like only 10+am when we stepped out of the hotel for Chatuchak Weekend Market!

Asok is the station that’s closest to our hotel. Train tickets cost anywhere between 20-35baht/person for us each time because we didn’t go anywhere particularly far.

Chatuchak weekend market didn’t have anything much, or maybe it’s too hot for me to enjoy.

The pets section was not a disappointment though. There’s a lot of cute balls of fur but felt sad for them since it’s so hot and they can’t take off their coat of fur! some shops didn’t even provide fans for them 😦

There were other sections like, home decor, clothes, accessories.

Peiyi buying her sng bao i.e., ice popsicle hahahah.

Fishballs in BKK is really yummy! 😀

And for goodness sake, I can’t be the only one who refers to “an chun dan” as “niao dan” right? >.<

Didn’t dare to try though, because mommy’s always saying that they are super high in cholesterol!

Left Chatuchak around 4pm and bought a huge chicken thigh each back to hotel for dinner.

cute usamimi!

I tried to take a photo of my ribbon clip but #fail. still a good camwhore shot though 😉

Showered because we are all hot and sweaty from Chatuchak.

outfit: tshirt from Chatuchak (100baht only!!!!), zara shorts + belt

Headed to MBK to check things out but it is soooo boring over there. Settled at Mac for dinner. Yes I am a Mcdees addict, don’t judge.

There was a mini night market near the train station outside MBK though. Shopped a little more before heading back.

And ta-da, my loots for the day! Had restrained myself a bit because I know we will be heading to Platinum Mall the next day (which is where all the craziness started hohos).

Still very pleased though. And one last photo to show off my awesome cute rings.

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November 9, 2010 at 2:47 PM

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end of hell week #8

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It’s a long weekend! Seems like it’s been forever since we had one. Waiting for T to pick me up to go ECP but I think we might have to scrape our plans since it’s raining 😡

Gonna have a superb weekend before he flies off on Sunday again.

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November 5, 2010 at 6:29 AM

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