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BKK trip – Day 2

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Wore a dress that my sis insisted that I bring along, and slippers I bought outside MBK for 80 baht 😀

After breakfast in hotel, we went to straight to Platinum Fashion Mall. omg super excited!!!!

For those taking public transport, you need to alight at Chit Lom, walk towards Centralworld and exit from Isetan. Then it’s about a 3 mins walk towards Platinum. For the first day, we took a longer way but we figured out on the second day. Saved us time + $$ on tuk tuk.

the endless rows of shops. my heart literally skipped a beat and my body flushed with heat from the excitement I was feeling. We quickly devised a strategy to make sure we dont miss any shops: start from one corner and then go zig-zag all the way.

Had lunch at their food court which is located on level 6. For foodcourts in BKK, you would need to purchase a card in order to buy food. The remaining value can be redeemed back.

I didn’t know about their system till I ordered, and I was lazy to go get a card so I used a stranger’s card and gave him $$ back.

And ta-da! Chicken Curry rice which costs 40baht, which is less than sgd$2!

And I am so amazed by the fact that their food court sells alcohol.

And we went back to shopping! Didn’t take a lot of photos because I was too distracted trying to get good buys 😉

And my loots for the day 😀

significantly more than yesterday! But we only completed 2.5 floors before we decided to call it a day and head back to hotel for ROOM SERVICE.

looking at my carbonara’s photo is making me all hungry. it was really good but the price is about the same as SG since this is room service x_x


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November 14, 2010 at 8:06 AM

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