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BKK trip – Day 3 & 4

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say Hi to everyone Eeyore, he accompanied us for this trip. Peiyi said that she will bring him wherever she goes o.0

The start of another day in shopping paradise.

Centralworld is cool, they have an ice-skating rink!

and presenting to you, item of the day:

showed this to T and he came up with a lot of other taglines like:

1) He do the laundry, I watch tv.

2) He washes the dishes, I surf net.

etc etc =p

Anyway, due to the massive amount of items we bought, we had to head back to the hotel to unload before heading back to Platinum again!

Btw the mcdees coupons here are awesome! Buy 1 fries, get 1 free.

By the time we left Platinum (again), it was already quite dark and there were some street food.

The kebabs are super yummeh! only 10baht for a stick.

Headed to the night market since Peiyi wanted to get local food. The amount that she allocated for food is super kua zhang! haha, guess different family cultures ba.

It started to rain when we were buying the food and we started freaking out because of all the flood rumors.

quickly tapao-ed pizza and rushed back to hotel.

some more food photos heh 😉

and that pretty much sums up a day.

Day 4’s plan was to go Platinum (yes again -__-) and then headed over to MBK to do nails.

I’m loving the “ribbon accessory on hair” look! ❤

My nails done at MBK at a shop near Swensens. Only 500baht for finger + toe nails!

And the best buy of my BKK trip?

time to start planning for another holiday! ^.^


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November 18, 2010 at 10:12 AM

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