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Conversations with T #509

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Me: why do I have to learn driving? it’s so difficult *goes on whining because I just had a difficult lesson*

A cyclist drove by and I pointed to him.

Me: See, cycling also very good. Won’t get into accident so easily. and I am GOOD in cycling!

T: Cycling is not cool. If you drive a car, everyone will go wow. If you cycle, people will just think that you are obstructing the way. Plus, nobody cycle to Paragon. And if you have a LV bag, even if it’s authentic, people will think it’s fake.

Me: But I don’t have an LV bag.



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December 31, 2010 at 8:35 AM

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time is precious

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thanks baby for the wonderful Christmas gift ❤

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December 21, 2010 at 12:26 PM

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retail therapy

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because I was all stressed out over exams, I shopped quite a bit online and Benefit’s parcel was the first to arrive!

It has been forever since I bought makeup. I was on a craze previously so I actually do have enough to last for like, 500 lifetimes.

but it’s Benefit! cute packaging, witty names and great quality. Look, it came in such adorable wrapper 😀

ASOS parcels, arrive already damn it!

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December 18, 2010 at 3:04 PM

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dreamer at heart

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although this happens like once every 2 mths, the relief I felt this time was much stronger. GMDD was really difficult for me, maybe because of the messy lecture slides and extremely difficult to understand textbooks. Or is it my english that’s deteriorating? Ughs, either way, I should start reading again. English, chinese, fiction, non-fiction.

Well, I’ve 3 weeks of break and christmas is all planned out. the rest of the days I’m gonna pick up some basic korean, try new recipes, read some books, start my driving lessons, clean my bedroom, and exercise more.

every year during december, there’s always this tingling rush in me. I wanted to achieve so much, but time never seems to be enough. Or energy, or motivation. but 2010 has been pretty good, at least, after I met T heh 😉 shall stop with my blabber and get to bed so that I won’t look like zombie on a Monday morning.

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December 12, 2010 at 3:33 PM

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yes, I do.

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14 Nov 2010. Cherry’s wedding 🙂

Went to pick T from the airport and then rushed back to his place to freshen up and prepare for the event ahead. He was quite excited, since he had no idea how a Singapore wedding is being held.

I have told him that I do not want anything elaborate, but I guess it’s nice if he knows how things are usually being done.

And off we go! I was quite excited myself too, since it’s been agessss since I attended a wedding. It is always a joy to attend people’s weddings because it’s just so heartening to see 2 people committing to each other. At that moment, it seems that both of them had so much hope in their future and believe that no matter what obstacles would come along, they would have each other’s back and walk hand in hand.

Or at least, that’s what I hope for.

Drove there, because T insisted. Reason: we are dressed nicely so we shouldn’t be taking a bus even though it’s near.

It was at Holiday Inn, Orchard. A rather cosy place. Arrived pretty early and hang around waiting for the tables to be set.

The food was really good!

Cute wedding favors. They are sitting in front of our car now teehee.

somehow, I lost count of glasses of red wine I took =/

they are my great colleagues cum friends. working with them has been so much fun ❤ except for mondays...

yeps, i’m that girl who spam photos when she’s tipsy. what?! *defensive*

we were the last table to leave because we were busy drinking red wine even though there’s work the next day lol…

ok signing off with a photo of the bride and me.

/Love floods us with hope – Jared Teague/

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December 9, 2010 at 5:06 PM

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by the riverside

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sometime last month, T just got back from a stressful work trip and I decided to bring him to a place where he had wanted to go for the longest time!

hahaha, WHY THIS PLACE?! cuz when he first came to Singapore, he kept seeing the commercials (and auntie lucy) so I guess he’s intrigued.

It’s quite cute, since the dishes are being distributed via the conveyor belt.

I haven’t had steamboat for the longest time ever! Have not gone on a date for almost as long too 😦

He was like super excited 😀 Buttttttttt, the food we chose is quite different so we can’t really share FOL

Overall, I think it’s rather okay despite the bad reviews on HGW. I still prefer shabu shabu though! 😛

Decided to walk walk first before heading back and we chanced upon a teddy bear fair.

The teddy bears are priced ridiculously (think 4-figure prices) but very pretty! These are some of my favorites.

I never used to like soft toys when I was a kid, but I find myself itching to buy whenever I see a cute one these days. Why?! zzz…

But looking at those bears really made me wanna go to Jeju Island, Korea for their bear museum. So many travel plans, so little time + money. Think I will wanna take a year off to travel after I finish my degree hahahaha just kidding. wish I had the $$ though!

Shall not think that far ahead but finish this year first 🙂 what are your plans for Christmas? I’m super excited! Planning a party for Christmas eve, and then going for a short getaway on Christmas itself.

all i want for christmas, is you ❤

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December 3, 2010 at 9:59 AM

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