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sometime last month, T just got back from a stressful work trip and I decided to bring him to a place where he had wanted to go for the longest time!

hahaha, WHY THIS PLACE?! cuz when he first came to Singapore, he kept seeing the commercials (and auntie lucy) so I guess he’s intrigued.

It’s quite cute, since the dishes are being distributed via the conveyor belt.

I haven’t had steamboat for the longest time ever! Have not gone on a date for almost as long too 😦

He was like super excited πŸ˜€ Buttttttttt, the food we chose is quite different so we can’t really share FOL

Overall, I think it’s rather okay despite the bad reviews on HGW. I still prefer shabu shabu though! πŸ˜›

Decided to walk walk first before heading back and we chanced upon a teddy bear fair.

The teddy bears are priced ridiculously (think 4-figure prices) but very pretty! These are some of my favorites.

I never used to like soft toys when I was a kid, but I find myself itching to buy whenever I see a cute one these days. Why?! zzz…

But looking at those bears really made me wanna go to Jeju Island, Korea for their bear museum. So many travel plans, so little time + money. Think I will wanna take a year off to travel after I finish my degree hahahaha just kidding. wish I had the $$ though!

Shall not think that far ahead but finish this year first πŸ™‚ what are your plans for Christmas? I’m super excited! Planning a party for Christmas eve, and then going for a short getaway on Christmas itself.

all i want for christmas, is you ❀


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December 3, 2010 at 9:59 AM

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