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14 Nov 2010. Cherry’s wedding 🙂

Went to pick T from the airport and then rushed back to his place to freshen up and prepare for the event ahead. He was quite excited, since he had no idea how a Singapore wedding is being held.

I have told him that I do not want anything elaborate, but I guess it’s nice if he knows how things are usually being done.

And off we go! I was quite excited myself too, since it’s been agessss since I attended a wedding. It is always a joy to attend people’s weddings because it’s just so heartening to see 2 people committing to each other. At that moment, it seems that both of them had so much hope in their future and believe that no matter what obstacles would come along, they would have each other’s back and walk hand in hand.

Or at least, that’s what I hope for.

Drove there, because T insisted. Reason: we are dressed nicely so we shouldn’t be taking a bus even though it’s near.

It was at Holiday Inn, Orchard. A rather cosy place. Arrived pretty early and hang around waiting for the tables to be set.

The food was really good!

Cute wedding favors. They are sitting in front of our car now teehee.

somehow, I lost count of glasses of red wine I took =/

they are my great colleagues cum friends. working with them has been so much fun ❤ except for mondays...

yeps, i’m that girl who spam photos when she’s tipsy. what?! *defensive*

we were the last table to leave because we were busy drinking red wine even though there’s work the next day lol…

ok signing off with a photo of the bride and me.

/Love floods us with hope – Jared Teague/


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