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although this happens like once every 2 mths, the relief I felt this time was much stronger. GMDD was really difficult for me, maybe because of the messy lecture slides and extremely difficult to understand textbooks. Or is it my english that’s deteriorating? Ughs, either way, I should start reading again. English, chinese, fiction, non-fiction.

Well, I’ve 3 weeks of break and christmas is all planned out. the rest of the days I’m gonna pick up some basic korean, try new recipes, read some books, start my driving lessons, clean my bedroom, and exercise more.

every year during december, there’s always this tingling rush in me. I wanted to achieve so much, but time never seems to be enough. Or energy, or motivation. but 2010 has been pretty good, at least, after I met T heh 😉 shall stop with my blabber and get to bed so that I won’t look like zombie on a Monday morning.


Written by whitepaperroses

December 12, 2010 at 3:33 PM

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