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Musings #459

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Age is a funny thing, it creeps up on you and is there to stay.

Seems only yesterday when I was the one who’s preparing for my first day of school, the one who just got her first job, the one whom everyone went “WOW SO YOUNG!” when I said my age.

Now times have changed, and roles are reversed.


Do I want to go back and change anything? Yes, there are a few stands that I wished I had stuck to, wished I had been more hardworking.

Do I regret anything in the past? Definitely, everyone have some regrets but I try to minimize them.

Do I want to be young again? No, because I would not have the experience that I have now.


I believe in learning from history, not living in the past.

I believe in working hard for the future, but not forgetting to live in the moment.

I believe in cherishing everything that I have now, instead of being too focused on my goals and neglecting family and friends.


In 2011, I will be turning 23. I’ve a list of things I want to accomplish, and I hope I will not disappoint myself. Other than that, it’s also time to make some travel plans.

1) Chicago, US – mad love US shopping. Hope it will come soon, maybe in March? 🙂

2) Tokyo, Japan – still got a few places that I didn’t manage to visit the previous round. And I absolutely miss the tempura & sashimi there!

3) Amsterdam, Netherlands – T is making plans to go there IN OCT so I am hoping I will be able to tag along >.< it will be considered as grad trip + birthday trip!

4) Bangkok, Thailand – must go there and do more shoppppppppinggggggg. The fishballs there rocks my socks.

5) Some beach resort. Have not decided on where yet but we will sometime soon.

For now, I shall work hard and save more money! 😉


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January 4, 2011 at 2:23 AM

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