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I left my heart in Tokyo (Part III)

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Shopping day!


And of course, off to Tokyo’s famous shopping street – Ginza.


The streets were closed for pedestrians and we had a fun time strolling and taking in the sun.


Headed to Shinjuku for our favorite tempura, we swear this store’s the best! It’s amazingly cheap too.


we reminiscenced  about the previous time we were here, and the memories we had. Sweet memories are always best to be looked through again and again, and each time, the feeling you will get is different, but heartwarming nonetheless.


and some goodnight shots with Stripey, my new toy I got from Shibuya. xo.


Can you believe it’s snowing in March? And before I came, T even told me that a light jacket is enough! Thank goodness it’s my last day already.


I wore 3 layers in total, bought an umbrella and threw on my coat before heading to Shibuya for some last minute shopping.


to get Lush goodies of course ^^ went into a cute shop, think it was called the ranking queen and got a lot of stuff from there as well! They showcase what are the hottest items right now, and I picked up some little items like lip stuff, makeup remover etc. They even sell snacks, and I got these 2 to accompany me on the flight.

and it was sayonara Nihon, and konichiwa Singapore ~.~

I felt very lucky that the earthquake happened just after I left, and hope that Japan will recover at the fastest speed. Everyone loves you and will pray for you. I miss you Tokyo, see you soon!











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June 17, 2011 at 3:32 AM

connected, but not quite connected.

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Currently in Shenzhen now, and waiting for T to be back to work before we set off for Shanghai.

There’s internet, but there’s no Facebook, no Twitter, no Youtube here. ~.~

In less than 36 hours in Shenzhen, I feel as if I have been through a lot. Not allowed to talk about this on the internet, but let it suffice to say that I’m not allowed to go out alone anymore. It’s a dangerous place yo!

Gonna buy some discs when I get to Shanghai, and spend the rest of the days catching up on shows I guess. If I’m good, I might even finish the last of my Tokyo trip. whoohoo 😀

For now, some camwhoring photos first. ta!

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June 15, 2011 at 3:20 AM

I left my heart in Tokyo (Part II-Hakone)

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I feel super happy waking up that morning because we are going to Hakone for HOT SPRING. Only tried one hot spring in my entire life, and it was at Taiwan. Not really impressed, maybe because that place was too commercialized and not private at all. Plus, Japan is well-known for hot spring! ok I think I’m blabbering too much. Moving on to photos!

outfit for the day. Dress from Twist & Tango, socks from ASOS, boots from Tokyo.

I remembered having to wake up freakish early so we only managed to grab breakfast from their convenience store.

but the bread is crazy soft! noms noms.


had to take another train which was like our MRT but older. and there was this crazy old man who kept changing seats and talking to random females. wtf japan also got pervert.

when i saw snow, i was like SNOW! not that I have never seen it on the ground before, but it was like ten years ago.


HAKONE is so beautiful right?

finally reached the resort, so must take a few peektures again.


suddenly miss my old hair colour. super ah lian i know.


we were given a traditional japanese room. public baths are free, private baths are at 1500yen per 50mins. but because the indoor private bath was empty, we get to use it for FREE.


my boyf being cute and silly.


and it was time for kaiseki, a multi-course traditional japanese meal.

after the meal, we went for outdoor private bath. same rates and we do have to pay.


it was an experience out of the world. cold temperatures above your neck, feeling warm physically and emotionally as well, watching the snow drip from the tree branches and an occasional bird flying pass.


after the hot spring, we didn’t feel cold at all so we just stood around and took more photos hahahah.


left the ryokan and decided to head to a place where we can see Mt Fuji. had to take a cable car, one of the things that I hate the most in my life but alas, for the beautiful wonders in life, it is worth it.


T is very afraid of heights but I’m super touched that he agreed to get on the cable car =)


breathtaking eh? looking through the photos and I am left breathless at the thought of having witness such beautiful sights before. it is NOT everyday in Hakone that you will get to see Mt Fuji, and the Japanese always make a wish if they get to see Fuji-san.

it was really freezing cold up there but all worth it! had some piping hot sweet potatoes before leaving for Tokyo again.


and we settled for dinner at a Western restaurant at Shinjuku.

even in Japan, I must get my fix of linguine hehe.





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June 10, 2011 at 10:18 AM