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beauty goodies from Tokyo

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I was bored and looking through some of my past photos when I realized that I took photos of the beauty products I bought during my last trip in Tokyo. So I’m hereby reviewing some of the products that I’ve tried, while the rest are still unopened. Gosh, the amount of unopened items is ridiculous and I am going to Korea next week! beauty addict much eh.

1) Integrate Eyebrow Pencil in brown


I got this because I dyed my hair and I didn’t have a suitable color for my brows. Also because I’ve never tried using a pencil before. Usually, it’s MAC’s eyebrow powder or eyeshadows. I did NOT regret getting it at all. Somehow, I much prefer using a pencil than powder!

2) Cleansing Water (Makeup remover)



I got this from Ranking Queen, which is a shop that showcases the best selling beauty products Jap girls are using. Pretty interesting concept if you ask me. This makeup remover manage to cleanse effectively. I use 2-3 pumps on cotton pads to remove a whole face of makeup (excluding eyes). The only thing that I do not like is that I have to use cotton pads. Seems like extra waste to me, since my previous removers is applied directly to face, massage and rinse off.

3) Canmake Lash Care Essence



I did not measure the length of my lashes before I started using it and I am very inconsistent in using it so I do not really know if it really does work. But, I would like to think it does 😉

3) Handy Baby (Lip Balm)

Almost done with this tube already! I use lip balms everyday so it’s pretty easy for me to finish a tube. I like the fact that is very glossy and there is no need to apply lip color if it’s a casual day, but for moisturizing wise, Vaseline is the one that still has my heart.

Ok, that’s it for a mini review. Hopefully I will be able to do more of these because it helps me keep track of what I had used before, and my thoughts on them. xx!






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July 30, 2011 at 6:44 AM

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