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So this is how it goes.

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These days whenever I meet up with friends, one question that has been asked over and over again is ‘What have you been doing everyday ever since you stopped working?‘.

  (my sheepish expression when faced with this qn, heh…)

Fair question, after all what else is there to life except to work your ass off and be caught in the rat race right? (note: I am not saying that I would not be back in the rat race, just not now.)

Truth is, I felt a bit awkward  having so much time at first and now it seems like I’m busy everyday. Just to take you through today:

1) 9+am: Woke up at and scroll through all the updates (twitter/tumblr/FB/whatsapp/email/horoscope/whatevershit).

2) 10+am: Showered, surf net and put on makeup (putting this 2 activities together because I am easily distracted), fix hair.

3) 1230pm: finally leaving house =/

4) 1.10pm: Finally reached Tangs for my brow appointment scheduled at 1pm!

5) 1.50pm: Walked to Ion to get Tori-q and a cup of Happy Lemon for my mani+pedi visit at Far-East.

6) 2.10pm: reached Far East and finally get to have ‘lunch’.

7) 3.50pm: Took the bus to Plaza Singapura to collect a book.

8) 4.15pm: Took the bus to Suntec to get some won for the trip to Seoul this Saturday.

9) 5.10pm: Finally leaving City Hall towards Novena to get Subway for dinner.

10) 5.40pm: Home sweet home.

And ta, just finished sandwich and a bit of Gossip Girls and the usual net surfing and it’s already 7pm!


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August 3, 2011 at 7:36 PM

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