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Seoul Part 1

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Recently I got to go to Seoul. Been busy preparing for my upcoming Europe trip that I didn’t have the time to research for Seoul at all! 😦

Also, because T was in Beijing beforehand, so I took a transit flight and met him there before flying to Seoul together. Tiring ~.~

First sight:

Went to the hotel and freshen up. T said he will bring me out to shop hehe…

we walked and walked and ended up in Myeongdong. so many cosmetics/skincare shops! throughout my whole trip, I didn’t really dare to step into ALL the shops because I am afraid I will end up buying more things that I do not need. LOL.

In the end we got a bit lost and had to walk a lot before we found the train station. Doesn’t help that most Koreans don’t speak english =/

and that ends the first day. that is the first bakery and many to come. coffeeshops are uber popular in Korea!


Planned on going to DongDaeMum since it’s suppoused to be a shopping heaven.

But first, we had lunch at the station near us first! omg the burger was TO DIE FOR. Kraze Burgers rocks!

and time to go shopping! T took a lot of umglam photos of me 😦

haish, anyway, DDM was not so cool after all. the shopkeepers were all very pushy, and they quote you very high prices if you are a foreigner. or maybe it’s just the part I explored. Didn’t bother to explore other places though. Maybe next time?

and Korean BBQ again! This is so much cheaper then Myeongdong. In fact, the one we had at Myeongdong was the most expensive.

to be continued….xo!


Written by whitepaperroses

August 24, 2011 at 9:08 PM

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