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Seoul Part 2

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I am finishing the rest of my Seoul trip in this post because I did not take many photos (except of myself HAHA) for the rest of the days.



I posted photos of this dress which comes along with the pullover on Facebook and received positive response. So, I bought a few extra pieces. Anyone interested please leave a comment (comments are screened) =p


It was such a gloomy day that I headed back to the hotel early to rest. I saw a lot of pretty shops along the way, but I dont know why, Korea just doesn’t quite have my heart yet.


super ❤ my H&M scarf. Took a cab to Coex Mall, which is like hugeeeeee and boring lol. ok not that boring, but just not that interesting to shop alone. Got Valleygirl’s clothes from there though! it’s an Australian brand and I was really surprised and elated when I saw it.

Ordered this sweet potato with cheese chicken cutlet set. super yummy! finally, a break from my usual sandwich and iced coffee that is a million calories. Oh well, this is probably a million calories as well, but SO GOOD.


and ending my day with a stroll along the street to take in the atmosphere of people rushing home to their loved ones for dinner, experiencing my life like a Korean =p



and it was Myeongdong again so I didn’t take many photos. Just my usual sandwich and frappe.


and of course, not forgetting random photos of my shopping bags!

oh oh, before ending, I just wanted to share a funny incident. TFS gave me these 2 boxes as free gifts and I was so frigging excited because it was packaged SOOO NICELY!

But guess what they contained? just cotton pads -__- make me feel so stupid. kthxbye. next post, maybe detailed photos of my skincare + cosmetics haul. xo!












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August 27, 2011 at 10:36 PM

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