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BKK Part 1

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This trip creeped up on me.I didn’t even know I was going anywhere until a few days ago, T mentioned something about having to go BKK and then all of a sudden tickets are booked because since I have nothing on, I might as well tag along. right? Not a really good idea actually, because I had limited $$ due to the upcoming Europe trip. Still I enjoyed myself by relaxing.

Day 1 + 2

This was my first time taking Thai Airways, and frankly they scared the shit out of me. The landing and taking off, omg *shakes head* Plus, we checked in at Terminal 1 instead of the usual Terminal 3 boos.

But oh well, in BKK safe and sound! Rested for a while before heading for dinner with my classmate who just so happened to be there as well. The next few days were spent alone. After all, T was supposed to be on a business trip. I went to do my nails, because I wanted something to last for a few days before going back to do a new design for back to sg hehe…

After having done my nails at MBK, I headed to Platinum. Like where else to shop in BKK? Even the locals shop here!

I love red mango. It was $3 instead of $5 in SG, but that’s because they gave cheapo cereal instead of granola. Oh well, it was a pretty good place to chill and rest my feet.

Soon after, I headed back and we had dinner at the IT mall near the hotel.

 I was so effing happy that I finally got to have my pineapple fried rice! It has been such a long time because I just can’t seem to find it in SG anymore.

poor people stuck in jams rushing home. 

Day 3

I didn’t bother dressing up because I didn’t want to attract unnecessary attention. I also spilt my $$ into different sections just in case ya know. 8)

Expensive massage offered at the hotel. 700baht/hr! I went to Urban Retreat at Asoke Station instead, and it was only 350baht/hr for head and shoulder massage. Still slightly more expensive by BKK’s standards but the ambience’s really nice. Feeling sad that I did only ONE massage 😦

 We had dinner at the same place because we are boring. ha! this meal costs around 400+baht. cheap!

Flowery headbands are all the rage now, and so I got myself a few too. How to resist since they are so cute?! Also because I have a thing for hair accessories ❤


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September 11, 2011 at 2:36 PM

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