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dear London (Part 1)

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On 21 Sept 2011, I took the plane and departed for London for the long awaited graduation trip. Or rather, a disguised graduation trip because at that time, all I wanted was to escape from Singapore and its monotony and figure out my next path. Back from the trip, I still have not figured out what I want to do but I feel very rested, and much wiser. (ok maybe not that much wiser but hey, a little goes a long way :P).

 The sunrise at Munich airport. And the adventure begins!


Our hotel was located near to the train station and was incredibly small. Guess I shouldn’t complain too much for the price we are paying (sgd$60/pax/night for a quad room with breakfast). Still! The pampered me couldn’t help but stare at the weak water flow while showering and pray for the rest of the trip to be better.


I have no idea why, I got very excited when I saw Fish&Chips and was delighted when they accede to my request. What we thought was an ok deal turns out to be a bad deal when we learned how cheap good food can be if you look where to look in England!

One highlight of my trip was the M&M store. I ❤ m&ms! of course, the colors helped in attracting me like how shiny objects attract magpies.

 I believe we should all agree that the fattest pigeons are in London LOL.


I didn’t name the places because I am not very sure since we were just walking around. Our main activity was actually Les Miserables because I have to watch a play (WE ARE IN LONDON, YO!), and Phantom wasn’t available so this is the next best thing…

I do think it was very good despite falling asleep for a few minutes here and there due to jet lag. In fact, I ended up listening to its soundtrack on the flight back to Singapore 😉 If only we had more time in London, I would definitely squeeze in another musical.


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October 18, 2011 at 5:07 PM

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