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dear London (part 2)

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Woke up to a bright and sunny day in London. Nothing cheers me up more than having good weather on a holiday. Spotting a good bargain comes a close second!

Miriam had a friend in London, Erica and she volunteered to bring us around for the day 🙂 #friggingawesome

First stop for the day, British Museum. One of the many points I love about UK is that museums are mostly free. And I adore museums! I always make it a point to visit a country’s museums if time permits.

The British Museum holds in trust for the nation and the world a collection of art and antiquities from ancient and living cultures. Housed in one of Britain’s architectural landmarks, the collection is one of the finest in existence, spanning two million years of human history. (

From UK to Africa to China to India to Egypt and so on….unfortunately, my friends didn’t find it as fascinating as me =s

I had read up beforehand and a must go is Greece and it was really majestic. Made me even more determined to visit Athens one day!

 Many people were just sitting by the side sketching. Y I no talent?!

Went for lunch at one of Erica’s favorite places. I forgot the name! But it sells mexican food. Delicious mexican food. Mouthwatering mexican food. You get my point.

I felt like it totally changed my perception of mexican food. Gonna hunt for such places in Singapore! Sometimes, I wish T was more of a foodie like me. Then again, I would probably be fatter and more broke now. Ahhhh.

Took a subway and got to St Paul’s after our little walk! Didnt enter though 😦

The present St Paul’s is the fifth cathedral to have stood on the site since 604, and was built between 1675 and 1710, after its predecessor was destroyed in the Great Fire of London. This was the first cathedral to be built after the English Reformation in the sixteenth century, when Henry VIII removed the Church of England from the jurisdiction of the Pope and the Crown took control of the Church’s life. (

And just across the bridge is Tate Museum which we paid a visit to as well.

Tate is a public institution owned by, and existing for, the public. Tate’s mission is to increase public knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of British, modern and contemporary art through the collection and an inspiring programme in and well beyond our galleries. (

Our last torist spot for the day is Westminster area. Perfect as the sun was setting.

Had a super tiring day since we walked almost everywhere! Requested to rest at a coffee place but we ended up a sports bar :p

And that marks the end of my London journey.

Definitely a city that I would want to return to, because there’s so many places left unvisited.


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October 24, 2011 at 6:05 PM

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