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The start of our road trip: First stop – Salisbury!

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After 2 days, we are leaving London. Felt a little sad, but excited nonetheless because I know we are going to a lot of awesome places in England! We decided to rent a car in the end because there’s 4 of us, and with the luggage we would rather pay a little more (train tickets can get quite expensive at times) to have the convenience.

Our first stop is to head to Salisbury which is about 1.5hours drive. When planning the itinerary, I wasn’t sure whether to put this place in because the only attraction there was the Cathedral and I wasn’t sure if it would be worth it. But after mulling it over, I thought, what the heck! Just go ahead with it, since we have to head to Bath and it’s on the way. So glad I made this decision because Salisbury is beautiful. breathtaking-ly beautiful.

Salisbury is unique amongst medieval English cathedrals having been built in just 38 years (1220 – 1258) in a single architectural style, early English Gothic. The tower and spire (Britain’s tallest) were added about 50 years later. The building itself is remarkable, a testimony to the faith and practical skills of those who erected it. (

and the prayers did work because we are all safe and sound in Singapore now! 😛

After visiting the cathedral, we walked around for a little while, had lunch and did some shopping.

 Beautiful right? 🙂

Till now, I am still amazed by the sights I’ve seen, the fun that I’ve had, the experiences so precious will be held closely in my heart for a long time to come.



Written by whitepaperroses

October 28, 2011 at 1:49 PM

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