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the day the weather changed.

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It was the last day of us being in Lake District and YY is joining us today before we head over to Manchester the next day for some shopping. I remembered a lot of funny things happening, with our plans going haywire. Oh well, that’s the thing about not being with a tour group but the memories we create are priceless.

Every time we are by the lake, we cannot resist taking a photo! So pretty that I edited 2 ways for the above, one overexposed, and the other in antique mode.

So we went to go to Ambleside Roman Fort, not as impressive as I thought it would be but with some imagination, and acting on our part, we could figure why the stones are laid here :p

Yeps, that’s us acting LOL.

It was super chilly yesterday so I wore a turtleneck, BUT it turns out that the weather will increase over 10 degreesC for a week, bringing it to about 25-28degreesC -__- I was happy to have warm weather, but why on the day I choose to wear a turtleneck gahhhhh.

Went to pick up YY after, and was supposed to go to a castle but the roads were undergoing some construction so we decided to go to a nearby village, Hawkshead because god knows how long the diversion roads would be!

❤ stopping by roadside with beautiful scenery to snap a quick peekture!

the roads there were dangerous because it was only big enough for 1 car but 2 ways! so you never know if you will bump into another car if you are driving fast. but drivers there are generally nice people who will give way. unlike Singaporeans who speed up when they see you signal -.-

The prettiest village set in the magnificent vale of Estwaite, In the heart of the English Lake District, Hawkshead is a truly historic and wonderfully picturesque village characterised by its cluster of whitewashed houses, archways and alleways, courtyards and squares. A prosperous mediaeval wool town, its rich history includes important connections with the poet William Wordsworth and children’s story author Beatrix Potter. (

I opt for a simple sandwich because I am feeling so bloated from all the greasy food we have everyday! #fatdieme

We all felt sad because we will be heading to Manchester the next day which basically means no more sight-seeing, crazy stops along the road for photos, going anywhere people recommend at anytime etc. Hope that our pact to return here when we are 50 will work out somehow haha 😉


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November 16, 2011 at 11:40 AM

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