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last 3 days in England…

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Finally we reached Manchester, the reason why we planned a trip to Europe. I didn’t take many photos at all, because it was not outstanding. To me, it was just another city.

Still, I was glad that I managed to visit the school. And the graduation hall, although I probably wouldn’t have enough money to return in July for the graduation ceremony ;(

After lunch with some of our lecturers, we headed to Old Trafford because Licheng is a ManU fan! I tagged along even though I am not a ManU fan because what is coming to England without going to any of its stadiums?

That was 2 days in Manchester, and then it’s back to London for another night before finally heading out of England to start the rest of our trip. Blogging about this first week makes me feel like I have only been to England! =p

From Manchester to London would be a 3 hours drive hence we decided to find a place mid-way to stop and explore a little more. Final destination we have chosen is Warwick Castle 😉

I am a sneaky spy LOL.

We climbed up the steep stairs to the highest point and it felt great. If only the land is mine, hiak hiak >.<

And there was a special exhibition, or just an event? showcasing how royalty used to have their weekends and scandals. I love that there were recorded conversations in victorian english about those secret conversations.

and this last photo, a personal favorite of mine. look at his gaze! #killerstare

going off to KL for a short getaway. hope the Watsons sales there are as crazy as Singapore’s! I’ve already bought some masks and intending to buy more heh…


Written by whitepaperroses

November 18, 2011 at 11:53 PM

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