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The ‘Use-it-up’ Project (1)

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I read about a lot of such operations, projects etc and was very inspired to try to finish some of my items as well. So that I can justify my new purchases =p A lot of people actually deny themselves of any purchases until they finished a certain number of items! I simply cannot imagine the horrors of that.

Ok, so embarking on this project…I did some self-evaluation. Items that I use up quite quickly will be body scrubs, hair masks, makeup removers, and other stuff that I use on a daily basis. My tactic is to NOT be distracted. If I see something that’s maybe half finished, I will use it regularly. This is quite difficult for me because I have the attention span of…..a normal girl heh 😉

Anyway…ta-da! The stars of this entry.

1) Tic-Toc BB cream:

why did I buy it? recommendations on forum.

first impressions? When I first used it, I hated it! It gave me breakouts, or at least I thought at that time. Now thinking back, it might be due to other products too because I was switching daily essentials too often!

upon finishing? After a while, I needed a base and decided to give this another chance and this time round it didn’t break me out which was a relief 🙂 The product was just average for me because it didn’t have amazing coverage nor did it help my skin improve (obviously I can’t observe anti-aging, anti-wrinkles effect, I can only hope it’s all for the best) but at the very least, it did leave my face brighter and a little dewy because of the pinkish base. Which is what I likey 😀

2) Loreal Hydrafresh Eyecream:

why did I buy it? because I needed an eye cream and it was the best I could find at Cold Storage. and it did say it would help with the dark eye circles haha :p

first impressions? not bad! quite cooling, and refreshing. plus it really did seem to have an effect on my dark circles but it’s kind of weird. like if I skip a day, the dark circles would be back so I think it’s just some temporary effect.

upon finishing? mehhh, probably won’t get it again. I think it only fulfill the role of a basic eye cream but it is 2012. I want some technology in my eyecream. Or at least, have collagen.

3) Cleansing Water (bought it from Ranking Queen in Japan which is a store that sells products that are currently popular among Japanese females)

why did I buy it? I was curious and have never used a cleansing water before. plus, made in Japan. BUY!

first impressions? how many pumps should I use? Is 2 cotton pads enough for the removal? with new products, comes new questions. however, I’m glad I figured it all out pretty quickly ;D

upon finishing? was actually a little sad that I finished this because I really like it! it removes my makeup thoroughly without leaving a greasy feeling. only downside I can think of is that I have to use cotton pads everytime I remove makeup which is extra waste + cost for me.

4) Bath&Body Works Stress Relief Lotion in Sandalwood rose

why did I buy it? rose scented, ’nuff said.

first impressions? uhmmm smells soooo good!

upon finishing? I really like the scent and T loves this scent too. the smell lingers on even after a night’s sleep. It wasn’t particularly moisturizing though, which is what I need because I sleep in air-conditioned room.

On a related note, I tried some skincare samples that I got from Korea (refer to this post for more) on my recent trip to KL.

1) Skinfood Aloe Vera Foaming Cleanser (for oily to combination skin)

My skin is combination but I still find it too drying for me! Absolutely hate that tight feeling it leaves me after cleansing. Most foaming cleansers tend to do that so I always avoid them.

2) Skinfood Platinum Grape Cell Eyecream

After using the cleanser, I was scrowling at the eyecream as I ripped it open. Doesn’t help that I have another skinfood eyecream (salmon brightening) that was not impressive AT ALL. Thankfully, it was a pleasant surprise, with the eyecream easily absorbed giving my eyes the much needed moisture boost! Definitely will consider buying this if I do not yet again get distracted by other products.

3) The Face Shop “The Smim” Emulsion

I really like this! Easily absorbed into my skin, and did not break me out. I am super afraid of heavy moisturisers because they tend to break me out and leave my skin very oily. Will keep this in mind after I finish my stock of moisturisers which is probably never so I might just go out and get this, especially if I do go to Korea again 🙂

Ok finally done! I think it’s good that I am penning down all these since I try so many products and often forget a while later 😦

I hope I inspire some of you to start finishing some of your products too 😉


Written by whitepaperroses

December 1, 2011 at 11:46 PM

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