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I love shopping even in the air.

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I finally got my Macbook back! Its screen was spoilt so I sent it to the doctor. Also, my training is also done so I have more time to blog now 😀 


Besides watching Jane Eyre on the flight back to Singapore, I also shopped a bit. These items already tempted me on the way to Shanghai and I decided to give into temptation this time round. Just like all other times.

To justify my purchase, they are exclusive on flights!

1) Lancome Absolu Voyage – Rose Edition (sgd$83, made in France)

I decided to get this because it has everything. Like seriously. I’ve never seen a travel palette that’s THIS comprehensive before. Or maybe I’m just being fooled by the inclusion of a lip pencil, heh.

This is the list of items that are in this set.

Lip Contour Pencil (rose), Black Khol Pencil, Powder Blusher (rose sable 02), Compact Powder (translucide 01), Concealer (beige clair 02), 3 Ombre Absolue (Powder eyeshadow in white duo G01, dark purple quad A10, mono A10), 2 Color Focus (powder eye shadow in ombre a paupieres, mauve quad N4), 1 Color Design (powder eye shadow in ombre a paupieres – 501), 1 Color Fever Shine (solid lip color in rouge a levres – 306), 1L’Absolu Rouge (solid lip color in rouge a levres – 354), 1 Color Fever ((solid lip color in rouge a levres – 312), Mini Virtuose (black mascara)

Good deal right?! Plus I’ve always wanted to try out Lancome’s makeup. Yeps, this is my first purchase from Lancome 🙂

2) Dior Lipstick – La Collection (sgd$87, made in France)

When I was in Paris, I passed by this Dior bag. It was brown, and slouchy. Not the kind of bag I would go for, which is why I only passed by it instead of going into the shop for it. I have no idea why, occasionally it will just pop into my head 😦

Ok, just wanted to share this little story now that I am looking at this set of beautiful Dior Lipsticks. The first lip gloss that I ever finished because I simply loved it so much is a Dior lipgloss. This is why I have a soft spot in my heart for Dior’s makeup, however they are so expensive and I am always caught up in chasing other brands. Because of the good experience I’ve had with their lipglosses, I decided to give their lipsticks a try as well!

Packagaing is very sleek which is what I like 😉 Colors look very wearable as well, which is probably why these are their best-selling shades (as indicated on the magazine).

If you like what you see, keep a lookout for them next time you are on a Singapore Airlines flight! xoxo


Written by whitepaperroses

December 18, 2011 at 4:04 PM

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