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Pretty Little Liars

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Watching Pretty Little Liars these days. Got hooked because of TiffanyD.

I read the books before I caught the drama and damn the books were intense! After I heard her mentioning about how the books and drama were different, I was curious to see how they turned how to be.

I guess the TV producers would have to keep things a little different so that people who read the books would still catch the drama, but here are a few changes that I dislike in particular. I am still quite early in the show but I felt that I should pen a little down first before I forgot about how I felt 🙂

1) what’s with all the girls having long hair? I thought that at least Aria would have short hair because she’s being described as different.

2) Emily’s kind of pretty which is totally not what I had expected but I am biased because I did not like her at all while reading the books. Too much of a crybaby for me =/ still, in the show she is mellow as compared to the rest. and woah her parents are actually acceptable of her being gay? What happened to being sent to Iowa? Oh and speaking of which, what happened to her sister Carolyn? Spencer’s sister is around. Maybe the producers think that Emily is boring too? hmmmm…

2) why had Noel become this huge bad guy?! I had thought of him as being silly (and maybe childish) but sweet nonetheless, but in the show, horror oh horror. threatening Mr Fitz seriously?!

3) and sean? I don’t remember him being a jerk as well. and Lucas. and Alex.

WTF why they turned all the guys into jerks?! and Jenna seems like a bitch too! so many dark characters in the show. me don’t appreciate at all!

I felt like the books described the characters so much better, complex and made me think more…I guess that’s the problem with TV/movies. They tend to suck away your imagination and you accept things as it is.

After watching the show, I feel like I should re-read the books again to delve deeper, to see if I had missed anything since I was in such a rush to find out who A was 😛


Written by whitepaperroses

December 23, 2011 at 1:09 PM

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