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Happy Boxing Day!

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How did you guys spend your Christmas? Mine was very cosy. We went for brunch just below the house as usual, and then to Vivo to get T’s present because he wanted a new shaver. And we had a home cooked dinner 🙂

So…T asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I couldn’t think of anything that I want in particular so I told him not to get anything. But the silly still went ahead and got a little something for me…I think this is the first present that he chose for me ^^

Lancome Eyes Virtuose – Travel Eye Palette. 

(I used it yesterday that’s why it looked a little dirty :P)

Anyway, I am so happy with my gift! It’s not the biggest gift, the most expensive, but it just shows that he has me in his heart ❤ Also, thrilled that I have another Lancome palette to add on to the one I just purchased, heh 😉

And here’s the swatches! (without any base)

I’m loving how velvety the shadows feel, and in general the whole palette because it is so slim and light!

Hope everyone had a good christmas. xoxo


Written by whitepaperroses

December 26, 2011 at 4:16 PM

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