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The Proposal

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Ok this title is SUCH  a giveaway. and there are no photos because nobody knew about anything so nothing was captured 😦 still, I thought it would be nice to write it down. Here goes!

The proposal happened in Amsterdam, after our countryside tour at a nice italian restaurant with all my friends. Surprisingly, none of them knew that there was going to be a proposal. All they knew is that T is planning a surprise birthday dinner for me.

The minute my friends suggested to go to this fancy italian restaurant, I knew something was up. Hello, we are all students and cheap ok! hahaha. But I just went along with it. and blah blah, and we had the dinner and suddenly there was a CAKE with a candle that’s going off like fireworks!

I’m overwhelmed. It was expected, and unexpected at the same time. 

And suddenly, he’s down on his knees. Honestly, I can’t even remember what he said. But yes, I ended up engaged on Oct 6 2011 *grins

18 roses, 9 red and 9 pink to represent 长长久久.

I was like, wow this is the first time my boyfriend is being romantic. but he went on to explain that he got 18 because 99 roses is too expensive to get in Europe.

But, I still feel extremely loved by him, blessed even to having the chance to meet such a wonderful person who’s had such a huge impact in my life. I felt like all the negative energy that used to be surrounding me has slowly disappeared and I learnt to be more patient, optimistic, and happier.

I think this is how love is supposed to be, and I hope everyone will be able to find their own Mr Right(s) soon. XO


Written by whitepaperroses

December 29, 2011 at 4:14 PM

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