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bye-bye 2011!

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2011 – a year full of ups and downs. like literally.

I started the year juggling work, studies, and driving lessons. As if handling the first 2 wasn’t enough but I’ve been pushing back driving lessons for a few years! I’m glad I finally got my license in April 😀

And then I had my last exam in July, and later on at the end of the month, I quit my job. From being a ‘juggler’ to having nothing to do, it felt like holidays in primary school all over again.

I planned for the biggest holiday in my life, the Europe trip. simply delirious from the wait! but it was all worth it, the places I’ve been, the things I’ve seen, the experiences I’ve gathered…that is priceless 🙂

When I wasn’t on holiday, I spent my time reading, catching up on dramas, took an introductory course in French, learning how to knit, going on holidays, trying my hand at making youtube videos, planning my wedding…so I’m not exactly slacking all the time ok 😛

Now that 2012 is coming, I’m raring to start again. But will I be given a chance in this declining job market? We shall see…

thanks to everyone who has been reading, hope you have had a good year! May 2012 be even better ^^

signing off with one of my favorite photos,



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December 31, 2011 at 6:28 PM

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