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a small purchase.

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Ok, I’m usually not so on the ball for posting my purchases but today I’m really excited!

1) Bifesta Cleansing express (water-based) – I was randomly shopping in Watsons while waiting for my sushi takeaway and I suddenly remembered that I need a makeup remover. I got all excited because I am going to buy something that I need, not something that catches my eye so it’s a justified purchase.

At first, Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Cleansing Oil caught my eye as it is at a discounted price of ~$20 at 200mL (usual price: $27) so I thought I could get that since I had used it before and it was not too bad. Then, I suddenly remembered Bifesta and decided to have a look through their products first before deciding.

Turns out, they were not having a sale. BUT, their prices were cheaper and my favorite type of makeup remover is the water-based ones! Moral of the story: don’t always just grab sale items, some other brands might be offering even better value! 😉

I got the one for dull skin ($18.90) which is more expensive than the one for oily and dry skin ($16.90). On their product packaging – ‘contains saxifrage extract & lactic AHA to remove dead skin cells & improve skin luminosity.’

Oh, I also had an additional $4 off because I had accumulated some points with Watsons so it only costs me $14.90. SCORE.

2) Benefit’s Hervana Blush – this is so not a justified purchase because I already have so many blushes! But this one’s really pretty! 😦 I did my brows today (I usually do it at Benefit’s Brow Bar) so the temptation was too big for me to resist. And Singapore’s Benefit Counters have revised their pricing to $46, so it’s about $10 difference if you buy from the US site (usd $28) but after shipping and what not, it’s just much more convenient to get it at the counter now especially if it’s only one item.

For more photos, you can refer to Temptalia’s swatches here.

I’m really excited to use both products! Have you bought anything recently? Share with me!

Oh and I’m going to Vietnam for a short trip. I might go missing, I might not. It really depends on the internet connection. For now, have a good week everyone! X


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January 31, 2012 at 6:38 PM

Days of my Life (2)

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When there is time, I snap a quick picture but it doesn’t warrant a post of its own. But I would still like to share them so I decided to do this ‘Days of my life’ series which shows how I spend my days and the things I saw.

I had wanted to try Project 365 but I know I will forget or I will be stressed on deciding which photo is the best for the day and that will take the fun out of photography, no?


1) T accompanying me for an interview, heh.

2) Baked some cupcakes! But, my icing failed. AGAIN!

3) the mega rainbow everybody saw the other day.

4) Breakfast at Cedele. The best scone I had was in England!

5) Furniture shopping. So excited about how everything is turning out. In fact, it’s like a dream 🙂

6) The usuals at Ikea. major love the chicken wings and meatballs.

7) My new bedside cupboard from Ikea. Storing most of my makeup and accessories now.

8) candle corner! Wish there are more places that sell candles in Singapore.

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January 30, 2012 at 3:04 PM

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Everyday Minerals Travel Size eyeshadows tutorial

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Hello all! A new video I filmed quickly yesterday. Thought it would be fun to demonstrate how to use these travel size babies as I had some doubts about them before deciding to go ahead with my purchase.

Let me know what you think and if you have any tips! xo

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January 28, 2012 at 2:21 PM

what I’ve been wearing…(5)

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1) dress from H&M, clutch from Korea

2) top from Primark, pants from Mango

Wore this for an interview. I really love this burnt orange. Can see myself wearing it very often ^^

3) Romper from Korea, ear-rings from Chanel, cuff from Riverisland

4) dress from Lilypirates

Wore this dress for the second day of Chinese New Year. I don’t know if you guys realise, this is the same dress I feature before here but in a different print! Yes, I love this cutting that much hehe ❤

Also, I did my hair a little differently but I don’t think you can tell from the picture. Plus, it’s the end of the day and it has come loose a little. Will try to take better photos next time!

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January 27, 2012 at 5:23 PM

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Shanghai – Yu Garden

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The weather was so much better the second day! Went to Yu Garden to have 小笼包! I was super excited because I love them and we didn’t get to try them the previous time.

The place where 小笼包 originate from.

We ordered the xie huang xiao long baos and it was to die for! I swear, it’s the best I’ve ever had. The soup inside was simply heavenly!

Xiao long bao are little balls of minced pork combined with jellified pork or chicken stock wrapped in a thin flour skin. During the steaming process, the stock liquefies creating soup within the dumpling. This is key, the pièce de résistance. The combination of flavors and textures makes this “snack” worth traveling for.


And this marks the end of a short trip to Shanghai T___T seriously should try to stay for a longer period the next time I go.

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January 26, 2012 at 8:45 PM

Shanghai Part 1 – The Bund

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I went to Shanghai in early December when it was between 2 – 10 degrees C. It was my second time there, and definitely not the last since T’s parents are staying there. In fact, we are thinking of heading over there for Chinese New Year next year. I’m not too keen because I am afraid of the cold but on the other hand, I know that he hasn’t been back for a few years and I do want him to have his reunion dinner 🙂

I went to the same places as I did on my first visit because it was raining heavily the first time and we did not enjoy ourselves at all. This time round, the weather was pretty good, with the strong sunshine so I got to truly experience slowly walking along The Bund and taking many photos.

The Bund is one of the most recognizable architectural symbols of Shanghai.  The word ‘bund’ derives from an Anglo-Indian word for an embankment along a muddy waterfront and that is what it was in the beginning, when the first British company opened an office there in 1846. It became the epitome of elegance during Shanghai’s history as a city of trade. Now many attractive new constructions have been erected in addition to the historical buildings. A 771-metre long retaining wall for flood control was built. Atop the wall is a spacious walkway for sightseeing. Paved with colorful tiles and dotted with flower beds and European-style garden lights. It is a good place for a leisurely stroll and a view of the Huangpu River.


I’m loving my red Riverisland satchel that I got from Asos! It was retailing for SGD$120 in Singapore boutique but it was discounted and with a coupon, I got it for around SGD$70! 😀 It is super roomy and the inner satin lining is a nice touch.

To cross the river, you can choose to take the boat (covered and air-conditioned) for 2yuan or 5, I can’t remember or you can take the expressway which costs much more and there’s no scenery at all. Another way would be to take the train but that would be more troublesome since you have to walk to the train station (5-10minutes walk).

We took the boat and went to Grand Hyatt for a coffee. It was on the 87 floor so we got a spectacular view. A bit disappointed that the fog spoilt the view…stupid pollution 😦

Would recommend those who want to see the view to go there because it’s comfortable, rather than going to 88 floor or 东方明珠 where you have to pay an entrance fee.

And the view at night…or should I say evening because it was 6pm when I took the photo below. Days are so short in winter!

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January 25, 2012 at 3:50 PM

Chinese New Year

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Happy Chinese New Year!

The above sentence is the happiest you are going to see in this post because I do not like Chinese New Year at all because it never fails to bring out the worst in me. Not going to come up with some crap and say how nice it is to see relatives that I only see once a year because for those who I care about, I see them more than once a year. Seriously, I don’t understand why we bother with all these traditions that nobody seem to like.

And speaking of traditions, I seriously hope that those unreasonable ones (not only in Chinese cultures but in others as well) would all just rot away. I don’t think we need traditions should define us. Be who you want to be, chase after your dreams, isn’t this what other people always say? I don’t like to follow ‘stuff’ that don’t make sense, but that’s apparently what I’m supposed to do.

Every time this happens, I feel like I should just become a robot and follow what the parents say. Not have any feelings or object. And be unhappy. Which is exactly what they want since they only tell you to do things that they themselves can’t explain why and don’t even think about your convenience or happiness AT ALL. 

Can’t wait for the day when I finally can be away from all these rubbish. Since I was young, I’ve been told that when I’m older I would miss the times when I’m young and wouldn’t have to think so much about my future. Well, I don’t at all because I enjoy my current status and can’t wait to move out. Suck on that.

days like these, I feel like pressing the fast forward button till the day I finally die. 

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January 24, 2012 at 9:15 PM

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