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Day 3 in Amsterdam – Dutch Resistance Museum

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sorry, can’t help but photospam. I love it when we travel because I get to spend a lot of time with T out and about exploring. Not that we don’t spend time together in Singapore, but he’s just very focused on his work. And I think it is good for couples to travel together so that they can learn more about each other, since you are around each other 24/7. So long as you don’t drive each other crazy! 😛

In Amsterdam, you can take the tram to get around easily BUT it’s crazy expensive. Like 5euros per ticket no matter where you are going. So it’s important to plan your day well, and I would think it would be good to stay near places you want to go. For me, I stayed at Ibis Amsterdam Centre which is just next to the train station and a lot of trams. Very convenient! But the room is small, still that’s not a major concern for me. The most important thing is cleanliness!

T switched to Mint Hotel (on my last day while he continue to be in Amsterdam for a conference) which is also near the train station and it is more expensive (like an extra usd$100/night I think) which is crazy but his company is paying so he get to enjoy a nicer room. with iMac. and ironing board. and a very nice bathroom.

Met with my friends at the Dutch Resistance Museum.

The Dutch Resistance Museum, chosen as the best historical museum of the Netherlands, tells the story of the Dutch people in Word War II. How did Dutch people respond to the Nazi occupation? Who resisted? Why, and how? You’ll see, hear and read fascinating stories about the exceptional, as well as about everyday life.

I caught a movie in there for 15 minutes, and I ended up falling asleep. Not because I’m not interested in history but because it wasn’t in a language that I understood! #dontjudge

We got to learn about the life of Dutch people during the resistance and what they did. I would say that their lives weren’t as bad as the other countries who suffered WWII, but having to actually go through a war is still horrifying. I’m not a history person, so it was nice to have T around to explain a little background on why Hilter is so insistent on eliminating the Jews.

I forgot why we didn’t go to Anne Frank’s house because I’m actually more interested in that 😦

But yes, if you love history these museums would definitely interest you. There is even a walking tour that involves pin-pointing out important sites during WWII which would take around 2 hours but we decided to skip that because it seem to be a little expensive. If you have no interest in history, there are other things to do as well like city tours and what-not.

We separated from the group again and settled at a random cafe for a late lunch. The ham was simply divine! There’s a lot of lettuce underneath the ham and cheese as well, and the flavors just go perfectly together. yums!

This is what I really enjoyed doing while on holidays, just simply sitting down in a cafe spending hours, pretending that my life is here and people-watch.

It started raining while we were lunching, but ended just before we finished. Talk about perfect timing. I would rate Amsterdam’s weather to be as crazy as Singapore, or maybe even a woman 😉



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January 4, 2012 at 6:13 PM

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