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A Parisian Night…

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Hi hi hi! We took a bus from Amsterdam to Paris in the night and we arrived in Paris at 6am. Oh my god, I almost died on the bus ride. The seat is NOT comfortable at all, and we all had backache the next day 😑

What a great start to my BIRTHDAY. And, it was raining the whole day while we were at Chic Outlet shopping so I was rather grumpy = no mood to take pictures. Oh well, at least the trip there was not wasted. I did get a gorgeous burberry scarf! πŸ™‚

After we returned to the city, the rain ceased and we rested and prepared to head for our ‘Illuminations + Moulin Rouge’ tour.

I was super excited and tried my very best to not fall asleep during the bus tour. Unfortunately, I can’t say it’s the same for my friends lol. By the way, for those looking to book this tour, we do not get to alight and take photos at the attractions. They will just bring you around in the bus and explain where we are at. The bus would drive slow enough for photos though. All the photos I took below was while the bus was moving.

Loving my cardigan (from GAP) and dress (from TFNC)!

I was SO excited when I saw the Eiffel Tower lit up! It’s my first time seeing it during the 3 days and it’s so pretty ❀

After the tour, we went for Moulin Rouge. I can’t help but feel disappointed because I didn’t expect this! We can’t help but compare it to being like a Thai show. Should have gone for Crazy Horse instead, damn!

Still, I seldom regret decisions, I just treat it as an experience. ‘Hey I’ve been to Moulin Rouge, have you?’ πŸ˜‰


Written by whitepaperroses

January 8, 2012 at 4:40 PM

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