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Day 2 in Paris

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After Moulin Rouge, we were all so tired that plans of waking up at 7am flew out of the window. Still, we tried our best and left the hotel at 11.

This time round, we stayed at EST hotel which is rather convenient but of course, it is not like 5-star hotel with fluffy pillows and plush robes. But it was still comfy and clean enough. The hotel is located next to the roads, so it can get a little noisy in the morning.

At this church, but I forgot what it is called T__T Ok just googled, it is called Sainte-Chapelle. We didn’t go in as there is an entrance fee and we have been to SO many churches already. After that, we walked to Notre Dame. I’m not sure why, but the air smells pretty weird there.

The Notre Dame de Paris stands on the site of Paris’ first Christian church, Saint Etienne basilica, which was itself built on the site of a Roman temple to Jupiter.

Notre-Dame’s first version was a “magnificent church” built by Childebert I, the king of the Franks at the time, in 528, and was already the cathedral of the city of Paris in the 10th century. However, in 1160, having become the “parish church of the kings of Europe,” Bishop Maurice de Sully deemed the building unworthy of its lofty role, and had it demolished.

Construction on the current cathedral began in 1163, during the reign of Louis VII, and opinion differs as to whether Bishop Maurice de Sully or Pope Alexander III laid the foundation stone of the cathedral.


I love cathedrals for their high ceilings and the serene feeling I get when I am inside.

After we exited Notre Dame, we walked a little around.

Super love my outfit that day! Wish Singapore can be cool enough for me to wear layers but it’s summer all year round. Reached Luxembourg Gardens and we chilled there for a little while with some food we got from a fast food joint.

It is such a pretty place! I saw many people just sitting there, studying or chatting with friends. Again, impossible to do in Singapore unless you want to feel like you are in s sauna haha!

Spotted a Laudree on the streets and decided to head in for some sweet treats despite just eating a little while ago.

Love love love their macaroons! Still beating myself up over not trying Pierre Hermé 😦 Oh wells, next time! *self-consolation*

After our little treat, we went shopping a while and then headed to the Eiffel Tower. I will post the photos in the separate post since it is a major highlight of my trip! X


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January 9, 2012 at 4:13 PM

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