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a small purchase.

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Ok, I’m usually not so on the ball for posting my purchases but today I’m really excited!

1) Bifesta Cleansing express (water-based) – I was randomly shopping in Watsons while waiting for my sushi takeaway and I suddenly remembered that I need a makeup remover. I got all excited because I am going to buy something that I need, not something that catches my eye so it’s a justified purchase.

At first, Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Cleansing Oil caught my eye as it is at a discounted price of ~$20 at 200mL (usual price: $27) so I thought I could get that since I had used it before and it was not too bad. Then, I suddenly remembered Bifesta and decided to have a look through their products first before deciding.

Turns out, they were not having a sale. BUT, their prices were cheaper and my favorite type of makeup remover is the water-based ones! Moral of the story: don’t always just grab sale items, some other brands might be offering even better value! 😉

I got the one for dull skin ($18.90) which is more expensive than the one for oily and dry skin ($16.90). On their product packaging – ‘contains saxifrage extract & lactic AHA to remove dead skin cells & improve skin luminosity.’

Oh, I also had an additional $4 off because I had accumulated some points with Watsons so it only costs me $14.90. SCORE.

2) Benefit’s Hervana Blush – this is so not a justified purchase because I already have so many blushes! But this one’s really pretty! 😦 I did my brows today (I usually do it at Benefit’s Brow Bar) so the temptation was too big for me to resist. And Singapore’s Benefit Counters have revised their pricing to $46, so it’s about $10 difference if you buy from the US site (usd $28) but after shipping and what not, it’s just much more convenient to get it at the counter now especially if it’s only one item.

For more photos, you can refer to Temptalia’s swatches here.

I’m really excited to use both products! Have you bought anything recently? Share with me!

Oh and I’m going to Vietnam for a short trip. I might go missing, I might not. It really depends on the internet connection. For now, have a good week everyone! X


Written by whitepaperroses

January 31, 2012 at 6:38 PM

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  1. […] got it along with Benefit’s Hervana at Tangs but I was leaving for Ho Chi Minh the next day so I wanted to try my luck at the airport. […]

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