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The ‘Use-it-up’ Project (3)

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1) Hanskin – Aqua Cleansing Water

why did I buy it? ever since using the cleansing water I got from Japan, I was hooked and wanted to try out different brands.

first impressions? didn’t like the smell at all but I like how well it manages to remove my bb cream.

upon finishing? I will definitely repurchase it when I go over to Seoul again especially if there’s a sale! They have that pretty often in the Myeoungdong outlet 😀

2) Loreal – Elseve Hair Mask for Damaged Hair

why did I buy it? I’m obsessed with hair masks because my hair is very dry.

first impressions? better than the previous one that I had which is also by Loreal, but for treating colored hair.

upon finishing? It is an effective hair mask, but my hair is really dry so I will definitely be trying other hair masks to see if it can be better.

3) Mentholatum – Acnes Medicated Tea Tree Oil Clay Mask

why did I buy it? There were raves on the internet about it and I was in HK so I decided to pick it up.

first impressions? the smell is rather strong (I have a very sensitive nose so the smell may not bother some of you at all).

upon finishing? actually I have not finished it but it has already dried up so I have to throw this away. I will not repurchase again because of the smell but in general, I do think it works well in preventing pimples and is a cheap option. I just prefer The Body Shop for tea tree oil products!

4) Nivea – Water Cleansing Gel

why did I buy it? I wanted to compare this to Nivea’s oxygen power cleansing gel.

first impressions? very gentle on the skin!

upon finishing? I do like this product because it cleanses well for me and is very affordable (<$10). It is good as a daytime cleanser but if you do not use makeup and only uses this at night, I’m not sure if it will be enough for cleansing away the oils and impurities that have accumulated during the day!

5) Bath&Body Works – Room Spray in Lavender 

why did I buy it? Lavender is known to calm the body so I thought it would be good to spray this before going to sleep. I have nightmares very very often and am hoping that this will ease them.

first impressions? the smell is very strong!

upon finishing? even after finishing it, I still haven’t gotten used to the strong smell and would usually spray it a while before I go to sleep so that it would have time to diffuses. I feel that if it had been mixed with another scent, it would be great. I still have another bottle of this and will not repurchase after I finished using it.


I’m currently in Vietnam and did not wander out today. Did a back and shoulder massage in the hotel and had sushi for lunch. Savoring every moment because I know I might be starting work soon!

Also, I have a few other makeup products that I’m finishing soon and so expect to see another ‘Use-it-up’ post soon. Hope you guys enjoy this series as much as I enjoyed writing them! Even better, I hoped I have motivated some of you to use up some of your products as well 😛 If I have, let me know what products you have used up, I would love to know! xo


Written by whitepaperroses

February 2, 2012 at 5:00 PM

4 Responses

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  1. The Bath&Bodyworks spray is best used in the toilet after *ahem* number 2!
    Or when the room smells of cigarette smoke etc
    Its really v strong! For bedrooms – you can try their ‘Sleep Pillow Mist’ instead 🙂 It gives off a faint scent, rather than this very very strong one! 🙂


    February 4, 2012 at 10:54 AM

    • good idea! =p yea I have their pillow most and I love it to death…just praying for a chance to go to the states soon to shop wahahaha


      February 4, 2012 at 11:50 AM

  2. Hi,..

    I’m interested to the Hanskin Aqua Cleansing Water too, even more after you mentioned can remove bbcream. May I know what bbcream you’re using ? Oh and the steps using this cleanser ? With cotton pad or just using as soap ?

    Thank you ^^


    May 17, 2012 at 9:08 PM

    • hi there! I’m alternating between dreamgirls, maybelline, & sometimes Hanskin.

      For the cleanser, I use a cotton pad and dispense usually 1 full pump and then I swipe it all over my face. and then I will repeat the step! usually 2 times is enough ^^


      May 18, 2012 at 2:24 PM

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