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Red is for Prosperity.

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(Should have posted this yesterday, but better late than never!)

The 15 days of CNY is over and I’m glad I did not eat as much bak gua as I expected. I’m not moving much recently, so easting less will help in lessening my weight gain lolol.

As I’m usually not a social butterfly among family members, I didn’t take any photos at all during my visits. But, we did take a family photo before we left the house on Chu Yi 😉

Sis: what are you wearing tomorrow?

Me: don’t know lei…you wearing that red dress?

Sis: ya…

Me: ok lor, then I also wear red…MOMMY! everyone wear red tomorrow ok?!

My dress isn’t new, but I don’t care for traditions much. What matters is that the whole family is in synergy right? 🙂


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February 7, 2012 at 7:15 PM

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