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A lot of people asked ‘Why do you want to go Melbourne for your pre-wed photoshoot? Did you guys meet there?

Uhmmmmm, no….we actually choose Melbourne through elimination method. T doesn’t want to go to Europe, US is way too far, Bali doesn’t have the diversity I’m looking for (all nature and no victorian architecture), HK & TW is so boring, Japan we have been a few times and are not interested in spending $$ to go there again…

So that leaves Australia…we can choose wherever we want to and the photographers will accommodate us but we just chose from their options which is Brisbane and Melbourne, because we are lazy like that lol…(Brisbane is a no for me, because I’ve been there and I wanted to go to a new place. It makes sense to go to a new destination so that you can make the most out of your air tickets and all right?)

Melbourne it was then! I have never been there, and T has been there on business trips but he spends most time traveling to customers’ places, and the rest in hotel clearing emails so that doesn’t count. I was super excited because it means we will get to go Great Ocean road!

But today’s entry is not about Great Ocean Road, but about how we spent our only free day in the city after our shoot 😉

We had a 3-night stay in Citadines on Bourke Melbourne and it was a lovely place. Very big, clean and modern with a kitchen since it is supposed to be ‘apartment-style’. However, I find that the water strength of the shower head to be too small. Somehow, I will always have something to complain about :p

I did not research on Melbourne CBD area much so I was clueless on where to go. However, we got a few maps and asked the reception and it was decided that we shall walk to the DFO.

Melbourne is known for its graffiti and we saw a few isolated ones everywhere we go but we happened to chance upon this whole alley where it’s filled with them!

Love the weather there! Except when the winds go crazy. It’s so sunny but you never feel hot 😀

We took our time walking towards the DFO till it was almost 5 and I was like ‘omg is it going to be closed by the time we reached?’ Thankfully, they had extended hours on Friday. However, I felt like there wasn’t much variety. Only got some stuff from JayJays and Jeanswest.

I suppose that we are very energetic because Melbourne is ahead of Singapore by 3 hours. And look at that sun at 7.30pm! It only sets at 9. Love long days ❤

I may have the chance to go to Melbourne again (and Sydney!) end of the month. Keeping my fingers crossed!

p/s: I washed my jumper and the red coloring stained the white parts! so frustrated. Topshop, check the quality of your clothes (and dyes) please!


Written by whitepaperroses

February 8, 2012 at 12:29 PM

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