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Great Ocean Road – Bells Beach

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I’m finally blogging about my Great Ocean Road experience! It had been an amazing 2 days, and this is definitely one of my more memorable trips. It felt very different from my UK road trip, in the sense that in UK we were all like ‘omg look at the houses they are so cute’ but in Australia it’s like ‘wow, being out in the wild feels like this’. By being out in the wild, I mean being surrounded by hundreds or possibly thousands of plants, and many animals.

I will be spreading out the posts because I don’t want everything to be jammed into one entry then you guys won’t be able to appreciate the beauty of each place.


Picked up the car around 11am and off we go!

We decided to stop by Bells Beach because it seem to be a popular destination. Come to think of it, I think we just want to see some sea as soon as we can LOL.

If you’re a sightseer, Bells Beach is a popular spot with great vantage points along the cliff. For surfers, Bells Beach is really for the experienced. The beach is an exposed reef and point break with excellent right hand breaks, at their best during autumn and winter. (

We were there for a while because we were admiring the surfer guys. I don’t think I can ever surf, like so difficult?! I feel that if you want to see surfing, this is a good destination but if you are purely a scenery person, this place is totally passable.

Look at my hair flying! (and me grinning happily, while ogling at the surfer boys heh šŸ˜‰


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February 16, 2012 at 6:46 PM

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