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Great Ocean Road – on the way to Koala Spotting!

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I’m finally blogging about my Great Ocean Road experience! It had been an amazing 2 days, and this is definitely one of my more memorable trips. It felt very different from my UK road trip, in the sense that in UK we were all like ‘omg look at the houses they are so cute’ but in Australia it’s like ‘wow, being out in the wild feels like this’. By being out in the wild, I mean being surrounded by hundreds or possibly thousands of plants, and many animals.

I will be spreading out the posts because I don’t want everything to be jammed into one entry then you guys won’t be able to appreciate the beauty of each place.


With Krispy Kreme and the awesome view, how does one not be in the highest spirits all the time?

And speaking of Krispy Kreme, I am truly blown away. When people tell me how awesome it is, I am always like ‘come on, how awesome can a donut be?’ BUT omg this one is really frigging good! I don’t even know how to describe the taste other than sweet heaven. which is not a very helpful description hahaha!

Saw a beautiful beach and we stopped. So glad we did because this is one of the more beautiful beaches we saw on the way and it was very quiet and not touristy like other places. It’s not being advertised as well, since I couldn’t find any name for this place.

Here’s some of my favorite photos that we took!

and we finally reached the official start of the Great Ocean Road! From this point onwards, we decided not to stop at every single spot because we had to rush to Port Campbell by the end of the night.

But here’s another random beautiful lookout point 🙂

Not advertised as well, but beautiful as heaven. Am really glad we did not just follow the guidebook blindly but stopped whenever we feel like we should.


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February 19, 2012 at 11:01 AM

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