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Bad Experience with Harvey Norman

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Seriously, this is one of the worst customer service experience I had ever had.

Sometime ago in 2009, I bought a Samsung ST550 from the IT fair and the person recommended me their extended warranty service. As the camera has a touch screen, I thought it would be better to purchase another 2 years warranty in additional to the 1 year extra that Samsung provided.

At that time, I still remembered asking the person ‘so do I have to keep the receipt? How do I get the camera repaired?

The sales person clearly told me that I DO NOT have to keep the receipt because I just have to quote my IC number and I can go to any Harvey Norman store to get it repaired.

So I paid an extra $50 happily and thought nothing much about it anymore.


When I had to get the camera repaired, I went to the store and the store told me to call Samsung. Ok, then.

So I called Samsung and they told me that the one year warranty that they provide is already over and ask me to go back to Harvey Norman since I bought the extended warranty from them.

I went back to Harvey Norman and this time, they gave me a brochure about their Extended Warranty Service and asked me to call this hotline. At that time, I was already quite pissed off because the people that I have encountered so far are really unfriendly and won’t go an extra step to help you or even to explain more.

A few minutes ago, I just called the hotline and they told me that they require the INVOICE NUMBER. DAFUG?!!?

I informed the person that I was told I wasn’t required to keep the invoice and she told me that she can’t help me unless I tell her the exact date of purchase. MY BLOOD WAS BOILING AT THAT TIME. HOW THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO REMEMBER THE DATE? I BUY SO MUCH IN A YEAR YOU THINK I REMEMBER THE DATES FOR ALL OF THE ITEMS?!!!

And again! I was being asked to call the store to ask for my invoice number by providing my handphone number.

Guess what? The store said that they don’t have my record and ask me if I remembered if it was a big invoice or a small one, if it’s a small one she can’t check for me etc etc….



Although I don’t use this camera anymore, but this is really a bad experience! How many $50 have you cheated huh HARVEY NORMAN? I hope that those who read this won’t buy from Harvey Norman anymore, or at least DON’T get their extended warranty service. IT’S A CHEAT!


Written by whitepaperroses

February 20, 2012 at 2:33 PM

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