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Great Ocean Road – Koalas in the wild!

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I’m finally blogging about my Great Ocean Road experience! It had been an amazing 2 days, and this is definitely one of my more memorable trips. It felt very different from my UK road trip, in the sense that in UK we were all like ‘omg look at the houses they are so cute’ but in Australia it’s like ‘wow, being out in the wild feels like this’. By being out in the wild, I mean being surrounded by hundreds or possibly thousands of plants, and many animals.

I will be spreading out the posts because I don’t want everything to be jammed into one entry then you guys won’t be able to appreciate the beauty of each place.


While we were at Angelsea, we went to an Information Point and got a lot of brochures. The person recommended us to visit Cape Otway Lighthouse and told us that we would be able to spot wild koalas on our drive in.

‘But how are we going to spot them?!’

‘That’s easy, just stop if you see other people stopping!’

Best advice given, because that’s how we saw a million koalas 😀

That’s the first one we spot. Took a long time for us to see it because it was high up in the trees and there were no movement at all. The other tourists were very helpful and pointed it out for us.

Can you see the 2 of them? SUPER CUTE!

TIP FOR SPOTTING WILD KOALA: We asked how they were able to know when to stop and they told us to look out for white stains on the road because that would be their shit and it would mean there has gotta be one near by!

Whatcha looking at, humans?

We were so lucky to be able to see them up close too instead of just hanging on the trees! I had seen koalas previously in Brisbane’s Dreamworld but seeing them in the wild is so different. We even saw one peeing and shitting up from the trees! Thank goodness it didn’t hit us ._.


Look at the claws! Scary…

Oh and my favorite one of the lot:


Because we kept stopping, we didn’t make it to Cape Otway on time but it was all worth it!


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February 21, 2012 at 3:08 PM

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