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The ‘Use-it-up’ Project (4)

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Every time I finished up 5 products, I feel very proud of myself. And because it’s such an awesome feeling, I find myself becoming more focused on what products I should try and finish up and then I work towards it. It also helps me to keep track of the things I have so I wouldn’t go buy more thinking that I need it when in actual fact, I have a few more removers/creams/etc lying around. yes that happens =/

And for this post, I am VERY GLAD that I finished up 2 makeup products! Whoohoo *throws confetti*

1) Avene – Thermal Water

why did I buy it? When I was young, my auntie always use Evian thermal spray and I thought that it was very glamorous so buying thermal spray has always stuck with me ._.

first impressions? I like it for spraying onto my face when it’s very hot, after doing my makeup, or if my face is feeling dry.

upon finishing? I WILL BUY IT AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. lolol. I usually keep a small size (evian one though) in my bag during flights because spraying mist on your face is not so attention-seeking opposed to putting on a facial mask.

2) POND’S – Perfect Matte ‘Control & Refine toner’

why did I buy it? I’ve always been curious about toners and wanted to give it a try to see if it helps with my skin cleansing or not.

first impressions? nothing much, I just use a cotton pad and swipe it to see if my makeup is totally cleansed off.

upon finishing? I will not repurchase this, but maybe other toners. For now, I still haven’t figured out if toners really do help with your skin. For me, it’s more of a check to see if my makeup’s been removed completely but I’m using Bifesta which is awesome so this step seems unnecessary at the moment.

3) Everyday Minerals – Natural Reflections Finishing Powder in Light

why did I buy it? I have a problem, I always think that I am running out of loose powder (maybe because I always use the same one) so I will buy a powder when I see one that’s even slightly interesting.

first impressions? WOAH why is the powder getting everywhere?! I was not used to using a loose powder because the previous one I had was by YSL which had a grinder thing for me to control how much I want.

upon finishing? obviously I got used to using it and wasn’t as messy as before haha! To me, it’s a very normal loose powder, average in oil control, average in coverage. I use it mainly to set my makeup and I am very glad that I have finished it! A powder is like a hugeeee thing to complete! 😀

4) Premier – Luxury Hand Cream

why did I buy it? Got this as a sample.

first impressions? Immediately made my hands smoother and it’s not sticky!

upon finishing? I am very skeptical about its properties, because I believe that the effects don’t last long, as in it is only moisturizing on the surface.

5) Benefit – Lipgloss in ‘Life on the A List’ (coral shade) & ‘Who are you wearing’ (dark pink shade) 

why did I buy it? They had it in a pack of 3 which means I got 6 glosses in total, which is a great deal!

first impressions? these 2 shades are very easy to work with and great for layering over most of my lipsticks.

upon finishing? As you can see, the plastic black thing that connected the 2 glosses is broken so I’m not impressed by its packaging at all. It might be due to me throwing it in my bag all the time but in my defense, other lipglosses are ok! Other than that, the 2 shades are very pretty and versatile which is great for everyday.


Written by whitepaperroses

February 28, 2012 at 10:42 AM

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