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The ‘Use-it-up’ Project (5)

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Another month has whizzed past, and although I hadn’t meant for these to be a monthly thing like those Monthly Favorites thing that a lot of people do, it does seem that I have been really on the ball for finishing my products! I guess this is actually more meaningful for me rather than a monthly favorites because I actually am using items up instead of buying and having clutter all around.

I am going over to the US in mid-April though, so I don’t think I will be able to stick to a 3 months ban but 2 months is pretty good too, right? 😉

Ok so back to the stars for this post…

1) Skinfood – Pink Salt Body Scrub

why did I buy it? I thought it smelled good and the texture seems grainy but not too harsh when I tried it in the shop.

first impressions? It feels very slippery so I don’t feel like it’s really ‘scrubbing’ my body.

upon finishing? This is not a repurchase for me because of the reason above. I like to feel that the product is exfoliating well but not harsh, and this product just doesn’t give me the feeling that it exfoliates well and leaves my skin feeling as soft as the Bodyshop’s polishes.

2) Pantene – Night Miracle Leave on Conditioner 

why did I buy it? because I was in Batam and it was cheap! I remember buying a lot of hair products at that time hahah :p

first impressions? don’t really feel like it improved my hair condition but at least it is not sticky which is important because I use it as a night treatment. you can use it in the morning if you wash your hair at that time.

upon finishing? I ended up really liking this product! My hair condition was really bad when I first started using it, but I started taking care of my hair with weekly hair masks and applying leave in conditioner or serum regularly. So my hair started to show signs of improvement and after I use this leave in conditioner, I can feel that it does make my hair smoother 😀

3) The Body Shop – Olive Glossing Shampoo

why did I buy it? It was part of a travel kit. I wouldn’t buy an olive shampoo because I really hate the smell!

first impressions? no weird smell and it leaves my hair tangle-free without any conditioner! o.0

upon finishing? Would love to get this in full size but have not seen it around in the shops T__T

4) SilkNaturals – Mineral Blush in Heavenly

why did I buy it? a few years back, when mineral makeup was the ‘in’ thing, there were tons of sprees on livejournal and I joined the Silknaturals one and got a few blushes because they were said to be amazing.

first impressions? Heavenly is supposed to be a dupe for MAC’s stereo rose which was a limited edition product which was highly popular. I do not have Stereo Rose but this blush is SO pretty!

upon finishing? most days it worked for me, some days it didn’t. which is weird actually, still I’m quite happy with this product although it is not a holy grail color for me.

5) Maybelline – Babylips in Cherry

why did I buy it? I got this in a lucky draw that I won!

first impressions? I was skeptical on how good it would be but it really surprised me. When I applied it, it didn’t seem extremely moisturizing but it did do its job so I was pleasantly surprised!

upon finishing? I’ve now started on a second tube which is in Orange and that smell is just amazing! I think it is great value especially when there is a promotion price of $2.90! The usual price is $5.90 which is pretty reasonable too.


What products have you finished lately and loved? Leave a comment, I would love to know! XO


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March 31, 2012 at 9:43 PM

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