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Ho Chi Minh City – Part 1

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Finally blogging about my trip to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam!

After traveling for a bit the past 2 years, I have already gotten lazy of researching and just go with the flow when I reach the city. It’s more fun because I do not have a schedule that I have to follow to and can just walk wherever.

We passed by Notre Dame the first night after our dinner and I made it a point to come back during the day.

Not as huge as the original Notre Dame in Paris, but it does have its own charm.

I carried on exploring around the area, being careful of purse grabbers on motorcycles.

Across the road from Notre Dame was the Post Office which was a quaint place.

If you look carefully at the photo below, on the bottom right hand corner is a couple taking their wedding photos!

And I ended up having my first bowl of pho at Pho 24 which is a fast food chain serving pho and it’s supposed to be quite good!

I ended up falling in love with pho and needless to say, that is not my last bowl!

And a funny observation of mine, on the streets are women selling pho in their pajamas! but I do not dare to try because of my weak stomach. heh, maybe next time 😉 X


Written by whitepaperroses

April 7, 2012 at 10:12 PM

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