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Convocation – 21 April 2012

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21 April is one of the most anticipated days in 2012. For me, because it’s my convocation day! Honestly I thought I would be super happy that day and all, but all I felt was tiredness. Probably because I had already stopped school for half a year and the excitement of being done with studying has already worn off.

And also, because I had to rush from the airport straight home to take a quick shower and do my make up on the way to Fullerton. I was in US for a work trip and the jet lag + the tiredness from meetings all week just made me extremely grumpy.

But anyway, I am GLAD that it is finally over and I got to wear the graduation cap!

*all photos were taken by my sis*

It was a quick ceremony since our course wasn’t very big (~80people).

Look at my tired face! But still managed a big smile for the camera hahah 😉

Since Fullerton was just next to the Singapore river, we went out for some photos after the reception.

some of my classmates…many memories of mugging together, and glad that we do not have to mug anymore but just chill out over a cup of ice cream.

Now on the next chapter of my life…this new job and a new home 🙂


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May 27, 2012 at 5:56 PM

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