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The Past, Present & Future…

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Have you ever missed a certain part of your life so much and you wished so hard that life can just stop during that period and never move on?

A lot of people have. I don’t.

I can never understand why people would want to go back to the past. In my (simple) mind,wanting to go back to the past means that period of your life is better than the life you are in now. If that is true, I only have 1 question for you: ‘Why did you let your life deteriorate to the point that you refuse to do anything about it except to entertain haunting memories of how awesome life used to be?’

Maybe you might feel that I am simplifying things, but am I? Or are you the one who is complicating things by coming up with a lot of excuses?

Want something, work for it. That’s how the world works, how the universe operates.

The reason I am writing about this, is because I want to remind myself to always work hard towards better days. At the same time, I also want to remind myself that it’s not about being never satisfied with life.

It’s about enjoying the current things that you have now and working hard to have an even better life without it ever consuming you. Once it consumes you, it’s another soul lost to the rat races and happiness would seem further away than before.

I hope you live a life you are proud of. – F Scott Fitzgerald


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June 29, 2012 at 11:01 PM

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what I’ve been wearing…(10)

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Hi allllll, it’s the dreadful Monday again. I felt like I haven’t rested at all since my weekend was jam-packed with activities!

Here’s some outfit photos that I realised I haven’t posted yet. In desperate need of wardrobe space and once I’ve time, I will definitely try to sell some here 😉 For now, if you see anything you like, please hit me up at and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

1) top from ASOS, skirt from H&M

This top is actually a dress and I layer this cheery skirt over, if you notice, you can see the hems of the white dress peeking underneath the dress. Love the beading so much! ❤

2) top from an old online blogshop, skirt from H&M

3) oversized shirt over a black bandage skirt with a red skinny belt (all from BKK)

4) dress from Supre, blazer from Hervelvetvase

Can you believe that I’ve had this dress for almost 5 years? And I still love it so much!

5) dress from Lilypirates, shoes from Zara

Major love this green to death, I almost forgot I had this dress. I have this very bad habit of discarding all the new clothes to one side because I haven’t got the time to hang/iron them 😦

OH, and just realized that I am carrying the same bag in these posts, which means it’s time to switch a bag again. Feel a little reluctant because this Burberry is so easy to carry around and match all kinds of clothes. I am still a little apprehensive about carrying loud prints that screams the brand name haha.

Hope you enjoyed the photos and have a good week everyone!

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June 25, 2012 at 5:45 PM

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Last Saturday’s Brunch

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Doing a short update, gonna get busy as the wedding is just 3 weeks away and T’s parents have arrived in Singapore! They will be staying with T and I am expected to dine very often with them I guess T__T Praying real hard I will be able to survive!


Goldhill plaza sprouted quite a few new places for us to chill and I am glad for that! One that we tried last Saturday is Kitchenette.

Apparently, they got featured on the news and were exceptionally full that morning so they ran out of poached eggs by the time I got my lazy ass there 😦

So I got a roasted beef sandwich instead and it was much better than expected!

Definitely returning for more Xx

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June 18, 2012 at 5:55 PM

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Bellabox – June Edition!

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This is a little late but here’s my June Bellabox!

I was super excited for this month’s one, because it is a bumper box of EIGHT products instead of the usual 5. Plus, all the brands featured are well-known counter brands so I am definitely very interested in giving them a try.

And look at their cute poster card! I am going to keep this on my vanity table 😉

On to the box’s contents…first there is an envelope of vouchers, and all of them are pretty good deals. I will definitely make use of the Ralph Lauren’s voucher, because I love that scent and they are giving a body lotion with every 100mL purchase. My own bottle is running low and this is a good reason for me to get it.

And here’s the samples!

*info below extracted from leaflet provided and my own impressions follow*

1) Kiehl’s Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner *CULT* – Made with real Marigold whole flowers and still to this day, hand-picked and placed in each bottle by hand, the Calendula toner remains a customer favorite 5 decades since it was first formulated.

At first when I picked it up, I’m like ‘what are those floating around in the bottle?!’ Then I realised it’s flower petals after reading the description. Seems pretty cool that this product has survived so long. I am usually not a toner person because I don’t see the benefits of using it but will give this a try.

2) Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate *LUXE* – This multi-award winning, 99.8% naturally derived botanical elixir was formulated to biologically replicate kin’s natural lipids for optimal skin repair during the night, so you wake up to healthier and younger-looking skin.

I am very excited about this because I have heard so much about it! Wanted to work a serum into my skincare routine because ya know, prevention is better than cure! Don’t want to age too quickly especially since I put on makeup almost everyday.

3) Lancome Genifique Youth Activator *CLASSIC* – Genifique is the first Lancome skincare that revives genes’ activity and stimulates the production of youth proteins. It is now clinically proven that the more you use Genifique, the better the results. All it takes is just 7 days to see the results.

Fans of Michellephan will definitely know this product since she is one of the Lancome ambassadors. Personally, I have never tried any Lancome skincare before so I am very curious about it as well. Have heard that L’oreal Youth Activator is a good dupe but of course, the effects will take a longer time to show.

4) Lancome Blanc Expert Derm-crystal *NEW* – Empowered with Dermactyl complex, dermal cells are stimulated to produce bright new collagen, preventing darkening and reducing melanin production. Skin is more translucent, luminous and brighter from within.

Never heard of this before but I will gladly try it out since it’s Lancome. See! Branding is very important.

5) Biotherm White D-Tox Cream BB Cream *FIND* – This BB cream gives you 24-hour coverage, unified skin tone, maintains hydration all day long and lets the natural pink undertones of the skin shine. With repeated use, dark spots fade and skin simply radiates. Suitable for all skin tones.

I’m a huge bb cream fan but I feel that I wouldn’t purchase this simply because it is too expensive! Retailing at 30mL for $70. Or I might just fall in love with it way too much after I used it. We shall see.

6) Biotherm Lait Corporel Body Moisturizer *CLASSIC* – Achieve soft, supple skin with high quality ingredients that prevents dryness and hydrate your skin. Glycerin, olive oil, vitamin E and Pure Thermal Plankton combine for outstanding results.

Again, body lotion is something that I believe I don’t have to pay too much for. Mehhh. Would love it if they had given Biotherm’s Aquasource (I love it!) instead or something off their new Skin.Ergetic range instead.

7) Ralph Lauren Romance *CLASSIC* – A timeless interpretation of the classic love story; Romance embodies the pure and refined feelings of a woman in love.

Love love love this perfume so it’s good that I have a travel size one to bring around 😉

8) Shu Uemura White Efficient Gentle Cleansing Oil *NEW* – New cult, best seller, wash away dullness. Contains natural mito-white complex and vitamin C to help prevent the accumulation of melanin deep within. Use daily for clear and translucent skin.

I have never really liked cleansing oils in particular but I have got to admit that Shu Uemura has the best cleansing oil that I have ever used. But the crazy price tag, ahhh =/


Hope you have enjoyed the post =)

It’s already Thursday, just another day to Friday and then weekend. My week hasn’t been very smooth, so I cannot wait for the weekend to be here.

Went shopping for 金, pillows, items for 过大礼, and settled wedding cakes for relatives yesterday. Now left to search for the perfect pair of solitaire ear rings and I shouldn’t have to shop any more.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”  ― Nelson Mandela

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June 14, 2012 at 5:34 PM


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Hi alllllllll ;D

It’s the start of a new week, and I am not suffering from any Monday Blues. Very strange, but it’s refreshing to be feeling this good (and blessed and loved!) and I hope you are feeling the same way too X

Here’s some photos of my ASOS haul that arrived recently. Got this when I received a 20% off code. It was a little more than I usually would order, but it was justified by the fact that I haven’t been ordering from them in a while haha =p

This is also the first time that all the things I got are items that I really wanted instead of the usual impulse buys so I was really excited to receive them!

1) Electric blue blazer by ASOS – awesome material and just the right fit, looking forward to wearing this to cheer up my usual cream/nude/black work outfits.

2) Dress by FCUK – I deliberated over getting this, since FCUK items are quite expensive (to me!) but I had wanted a stripe dress with white for a REALLY LONG time. So I caved in, but they sent me the wrong size! T__T gonna send it back and there goes the 20% I thought I had saved.

3) ASOS Bird Print Scarf – look at the prints!  I try not to buy too many scarfs since I have no real need for them in Singapore but I couldn’t resist this.

4) Benefit 6 Piece Skincare set – the other day, I was browsing Benefit’s website and chanced upon this cute set. So I thought, let me check how much it is on ASOS and if the price difference isn’t too much, I can get it from there instead of trying to chalk up USD$125 on Benefit for free shipping. Turns out that it was cheaper on ASOS! Not all the items are cheaper thought, so do your own research 😉

5) Just Acces Meki Drop Earrings

6) ASOS Bow Hoop Earrings

I am on a accessories treasure hunt these days, and I thought these 2 make cute additions to my current boring stash.

7) ASOS Spike Stretch Bracelet in Black

8) Cath Kidston Pocket Mirror in Hampton rose blue


I also bought a pair of shoes for le wedding but forgot to take a photo of it! Actually I am still deciding on what shoes to wear.

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed looking at my new loots! Lol…


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June 11, 2012 at 11:57 AM

The ‘Use-it-up’ Project (7)

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Hi everyone, Project Use-it-up is a little late this month because besides work, I am super-ly busy with wedding preparations as well. Speaking of which, we are currently having a mini crisis for our wedding invitations. Apparently, it is too late for the hotel to print our cards for us and now we have to outsource! T and I have agreed to print and design our own cards if need be. No need to quarrel, just work things out!

So yes, I’ve digress a little. Shall blog about wedding preparations maybe after the wedding itself to help other brides to be! 🙂

1) Clinique – ‘all about eyes’ eye cream

why did I buy it? part of the travel Clinique set I bought to try out Clinique products!

first impressions? I switched to this eye cream when my eye lids got very dry and have a little peeling (ew, I know) and my eye lids were much better just after a few uses!

upon finishing? I can’t express how much I love water based products. This worked wonders for my dry lids and I would repurchase it in a heartbeat. My travel size is 15mL and I remember that Clinique products are extremely affordable in Singapore’s DFS so you can get your fix when leaving town.

2) Biore – Eye & Lip Makeup Remover

why did I buy it? well, I go through these like nothing so I like to try different ones to compare.

first impressions? It’s not as oily as the usual drugstore removers.

upon finishing? Technically, it’s a great product but I am just not in love with it o.0 I think it might be the packaging being a little too bulky.

3) Benefit – Lipgloss in Next Question Please

why did I buy it? I can’t even remember since it was some time ago ._. must have been because I was ordering other products and decided on a gloss too!

first impressions? so….same as above………*sheepish*

upon finishing? I don’t hate it, don’t love it either. I guess you can say that it is a good gloss when you are lazy to go with bold lips but still want a little color. It is not too sticky, which is what I like.

4 & 5) Bath&Body Works – Concentrated Room Spray in Lavender & Eucalyptus Spearmint

why did I buy it? I’m addicted to nice scents so it’s hard for me not to grab room sprays and candles when I am out >.<

first impressions? I love how the eucalyptus spearmint is very refreshing and lavender is just one of my favorite scents ever.

upon finishing? I wold love to get more when I am heading over to the States in October! Or maybe, try out some of their new products. I’m getting excited just thinking about it 🙂


This month doesn’t seem that exciting huh, hope I will finish up more fun products. It’s mid-week already, hang in there everyone!

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June 6, 2012 at 2:29 PM

Watsons & Guardian Haul

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It is the Great Singapore Sale period, and even if the shops aren’t participating in the event, they have their own sales as well.

I can almost never resist getting something from Watsons/Guardian even when items are not on sale, so how can I resist now? ;P

1) Charles Worthington’s Liberate the Lustre – Shine like a star with Liberate the Lustre, a super light shine mist that’ll leave hair gleaming. It’s also the perfect finishing touch for smoothing unwanted flyaways and spilt ends. Application: Spritz over your dry, finished style.

I have used this only once but I LOVE the effect! It really made my hair very sleek and shiny, giving the wow factor. Its usual price is $18.90 at Watsons, and there is a 20% off right now.

2) Koji Etiquette & Travel Eye Makeup Cleansing Swab – Cleansing end is soaked with mineral oil to easily remove and cleanse off waterproof mascara or eyeliner. Dry end conveniently removes any traces of oil and smudges for the perfect finishing touch.

I thought this will be convenient to have it in the makeup pouch for long days because if I am lining my lower lashline, it is bound to be smudge by mid day in this humid Singapore weather. Retailing at Watsons for $4.20, working out to be $.042/use!

3) Kiss Me Heroine Make Eyelash Fixer – unique flat and angled brush for even application, super waterproof and powerful adhesion, beautiful, clear finish.

I had wanted to get Dollywink’s eyelash glue but it is so difficult to locate it! So I thought I could try this out but so far I am rather disappointed by it because I have to touch up a few times a day ~.~ Retailing at $14.90 (Watsons).

And here are some items I just got from Guardian and haven’t tried, all with 20% off! 😀

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June 3, 2012 at 10:13 PM

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