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Watsons & TheBodyShop Haul

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I am guessing that everyone should know that I am a hopeless shopaholic. These items I got before my Benefit items arrived, so I am still good on the makeup ban! =)

Just a large paddle brush, eyebrow pencil and this Vaseline moisturizer that is supposed to make my skin glow.

I used to be lazy about body lotion but not anymore! Been very diligent about it so it is only natural that I got a few body lotions to try 😉


There was a Bodyshop atrium sale the other day at Velocity so how can I skip on the chance to get something from there?!

1) Vitamin E Serum – which I have tried and am absolutely loving it! It is very lightweight and absorbs into my skin very quickly so I don’t have to wait long to apply my moisturizer. In fact, I don’t mind applying moisturizer immediately.

2) Passion Fruit Body Scrub – I have tried it before and love the smell so this was a must-pick-up item for me. Anyone has got good body scrubs to recommend? I do want to try more brands!

3) Brazil Nut Define and No Frizz – it’s meant to be a heat protectant but instead of a spray, it is a cream. Figured that it would be usual for travel and no frizz sounds good to me! Has a smell that I am neutral to but if you are sensitive to fragrances, you might not like it.

4) Banana Banane Shampoo – this is totally an impulse buy!!! I only got it I remembered Elle from Allthatglitters said that it was one of her favorite shampoos. I am such a sucker, I have to get things that people are raving about!

5) Neroli Jasmine Shower Gel – got this because I needed a few more dollars to hit $80 for my purchase to get a $20 voucher. Love the smell of jasmine but most of the people around me seem to hate it =x

6) Deep Sleep Pillow Mist – my Bath&BodyWorks’ ones were mostly used up so I figured why not?

7) Deep Sleep Body Moisturizer – Like I said, I’m on a rage to try on body lotions now….and this smells heavenly so I decided to get the small size to see if I really like it.

Tip: sometimes, even if a body lotion smells good in the tub, it doesn’t mean that it will smell good on your skin. Even if it smells good on your skin, it doesn’t mean that you will be able to stand the smell after applying it all over your body so always get a small size to try it out first!

8) Moroccan Rose EDT – used my $20 off (a single purchase item) for this. IT SMELLS SO GOOD! I keep sniffing hard to smell myself throughout the day hahahaha. I might be biased because rose is one of my favorite scents ever but hey, I’ve never met someone who hates rose scented products!


Thanks for reading and I hope you had a great Monday and will have a good week ahead, xo


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July 16, 2012 at 10:15 PM

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  1. […] right now, I’m too obsessed with The Body Shop’s Moroccan Rose EDT that I got from a haul recently that I am not willing to use anything else […]

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