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Hello all, it’s mid-week and I’ve been feeling extremely sleepy the whole day! I wonder if it’s because it’s too hot or I’m just plain lazy >.<

Here’s what I am looking forward to in the next 2 months just because:

1) next public holiday on August 9 (National Day), way too long since we have had a public holiday.

2) Mid-Autumn Festival because I love mooncakes!

3) Going back Shanghai for a short trip in September

Thinking about these cheered me up a bit already. All the good things, come quicker! But for now, enjoy some shots of my recent outfits ^^

1) top from Zara, skirt from BKK, ear-ring from Forever 21.

I love the ear rings but am finding it a difficult time to match the clothes I have! Or is it because I am not used to loud ear-rings? =o

2) dress from H&M, bag from Karen Millen

one of my favorite dresses ever because it is so comfortable and makes me look very classy lady-like due to the shoulders. here you see the bag I’ve been carrying around recently. it may look small but it can hold a lot of things! very well-made too, absolutely loving the suede and leather pairing together with its gold hardware 🙂

3) dress from Hervelvetvase, blazer from Thevelvetdolls, necklace from Smooch

Just realised that my whole outfit is from blogshops. With blogshops, it’s usually a hit or miss thing, for example this floral blazer, I had expected it to be more monochromatic tones but it turned out to be rather warm-toned so I paired it with a peach colored dress. Still thinking if I should let it go or not, anyone interested please email for details!

In other peach news, Lana Del Rey is the face for H&M and I am glad to see that peach is still a hot color for Autumn! I love this color and have too many dresses/tops in this color :p

 That’s all for now, xoxo


Written by whitepaperroses

July 25, 2012 at 6:33 PM

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