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The ‘Use-it-up’ Project (9) – July Edition

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It’s finally on to August and I am happy to have this post up on time! Also, I have decided to add on the month since I’ve been doing these on a monthly basis. This will also mean that I may not finish 5 products every month but I will definitely try to plan for that! For example like this month, I did not exactly finish all the products, but the liners were something that I have to throw away already 🙂

The first step to keep the hoarding problem under control is to throw the expired goods away :p

1) Victoria’s Secret – hydrating body lotion in Berry Kiss

why did I buy it? I actually got it in a gift exchange during Christmas 2 years back I think…

first impressions? smells really sweet, but not the type that makes me go ‘omg so nice’!

upon finishing? I think it’s just an ok lotion, didn’t hate it but it didn’t make me love it either. I just feel that the smell doesn’t attract me enough. Also, if you have very dry skin, you would probably need something more moisturizing.

2) Maybelline – Eye Studio Gel Liner in brown

why did I buy it? I am almost positive I got this for free from a Maybelline workshop some years back. It was such a long time ago that I can’t really remember!

first impressions? pretty good! comparable to MAC but I still felt that MAC is slightly better in terms of texture. Also, I do like the slight shimmer in these. Oh and MAC does not have brown gel liners in their permanent line I think so this is a good addition to my collection.

upon finishing? I didn’t exactly finish but it’s almost empty. Just thought that since I have had it for such a long time, I should toss it out, especially since I have another one!

3) Coastal Scents – Gel Liner in Dark Blue

why did I buy it? I was on a gel liner craze and wanted to try out different liners. Coastal Scents just started not too long ago and I bought one on a spree to try it out.

first impressions? the texture’s not as soft so it was actually more difficult for me to draw a line. rather disappointing, since my expectations were quite high after all the rave reviews on forum.

upon finishing? I only managed to finished half of it, because it dried up rather quickly! Honestly, I don’t even know why I kept it for so long without throwing it away. But getting this liner made me feel that colored liner is workable and fun!

4) Benefit – Bad Gal Mascara

why did I buy it? it came along as a sample in one of my Benefit hauls.

first impressions? it does lengthen and volumize my lashes but the brush is crazy huge.

upon finishing? As compared to other mascaras I’ve tried, it’s one of the better ones but my lashes are so pathetic that I almost always choose to go for false lashes. Yes, sometimes 7 days in a row. Practice makes perfect, ladies!

5) Bifesta – Bright-Up Cleansing Lotion, 300mL

why did I buy it? I had used their cleansing gel before when they were called Cleansing Express so I decided to give this cleansing lotion a try too. There were different varieties, for example, for anti-aging, oily skin, combination etc. I decided to go for Bright-up because I am obsessed with whitening products.

first impressions? love using it! removes makeup pretty well. supposedly you don’t even have to use an additional cleanser or put on moisturizer but naturally I still did both hahaha.

upon finishing? I really like it but I am now totally in love with my Bioderma which makes my skin feel even better!!! So it is a good makeup remover, but so far I’m very impressed with Bioderma and will most likely continue with that 😀


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August 1, 2012 at 7:12 AM

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