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Wedding Preparations – Bridal Studio

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Hi all, how’s your day going so far? 🙂

Today I decided to continue on my Wedding Preparation series, and this second part will be all about the dresses I chose and my experiences with the bridal studios. I don’t have a lot of photos, especially in bridal studios because we were not allowed to take pictures but at least you get to see what I chose in the end!

Warning: very long post, for more photos of my gowns you can also refer to my first post here where I posted a few of my favorite photos from my pre-wedding photoshoot.

Disclaimer: Everything written is purely based on my thoughts and experiences.

Now, as a female, I believe that you must have always dream about the kind of wedding dress you will have especially if you are a hopeless romantic like me. I’ve always thought I would go for a ball gown, with many layers of tulle because that will be the only time I get to wear something like that. I even bought a few wedding magazines (honestly they are useless) to seek inspiration but they just made me even more confused!

We went to a few bridal shows and in the end we decided on Z wedding D’sign at one of the bridal shows. We got a ROM package, and also top up some money to rent a gown for our pre-wedding photoshoot.

Seriously I kind of regret that because I felt like I should have gone down to the bridal studios that I had shortlisted to try on a few of their gowns first and see how the service is like. The reason why I am saying this is because when I went for my fitting at Z Wedding, I felt like I couldn’t find a dress that really made my heart skipped a beat. My coordinator also gave me the impression that she just wants me to quickly choose a dress and go instead of fully letting me look through the dresses. So in the end, I got this dress and this is how it looks from the front and back.

(*Photos by LightedPixels Photography)

After we chose our dress, we had to pay the rest of the money due and she tried to get us to upgrade our package to include evening gowns and also a day gown (because the ROM package is for a short gown). However, I felt that there were too many things that we didn’t need except for maybe an actual wedding gown for my actual day. So we were quoted $1,500 to rent a gown. The price seems ridiculous, plus we were tired at that time (me being upset that I didn’t really see anything that I like and T being pissed with her being so pushy) so we refuse to sign up for anything extra. To all brides-to-be, you have to hold your stand and not just sign on something because of a pushy sales person!

Not that I didn’t give in at all, because I ended up choosing an evening gown for the shoot as well which means an additional $380 without GST. But the evening gown was very pretty and thank goodness we have that if not I will feel upset throughout my whole shoot. So this is how the gown looks like:

(*Photos by LightedPixels Photography)

Everything that I love is in this dress: its passionate red, backless for some sexiness, and minimal detail. It gives me the kind of feeling I was hoping to have for my white gown. And the best thing is that there’s a long ‘tail’ for me to do dramatic shots 😉

So after all the initial unhappiness with Z Wedding (there were more but those are related to makeup so I will cover them in my makeup post), I decided not to give in to them and started searching for a bridal gown from some other place. I wasn’t too stressed out because I still got about 5 months to go before the big day. I will go into details on how I searched for my gown after I finished this bit about Z Wedding.

As you may recall, I mentioned that I got a ROM package from Z Wedding. This includes 1 ROM dress, and when I was choosing (in April) I felt like there weren’t a lot of choices. Also, my coordinator was not around that day so I got another person who also gives half-assed service. I always dread going to the bridal studio whether it is returning dress, for makeup trial yadda yadda so brides-to-be, it is very important to choose a place that you feel really comfortable in!

Anyway, choosing the ROM dress is not too bad, because at least I managed to find something that looks decent. I don’t care much for it because I know that this will not be the only dress I am donning on that day. Plus, I have already found my dream wedding gown before I came and choose this ROM dress so I will not be greedy and wish for 2 dream gowns.

Here’s it! (*Photos by 39East Photography)

Did you guys notice that one side is longer than the other? On the day I choose my gown, I had requested for the gown to be longer so they made the adjustments but! they didn’t make it even! Can you believe it? During collection, I noticed it and the person said that she will make the adjustments after I changed out of it but seriously, it is still uneven -_-

I thank God for the times I managed to keep my cool when I was at the point of wanting to pull out my hair and scream at them.

Now for my happier gown-searching times…

So it happens that the following week (after I chose my gowns for pre-wedding shoot in Dec), I saw on a forum that The Wedding Present will be having a moving out sale! I quickly made an appointment and made my way down there. I didn’t dare to have my hopes up high because, how good can the gowns that are on sale be? Plus I was afraid that their assistants will also adopt the hard sell approach or not bother about me at all, because I came for the sale and normally people who go for sales are automatically branded cheapos 😦

When I stepped into the shop, the assistant was pretty friendly and allowed me to slowly looked through all the dresses. I was so happy! Then I tried on a few of them, and even tried on 2 of my favorite ones again just to see which one to get. They were so patient and I felt really thankful for them :*)

(*Photos by 39East Photography)

This dress is very simple and flow-ly, not exactly how I had imagined my actual wedding gown to be but it made my heart flutter and I feel like a princess.

I absolutely adore this dress to death! Especially how the gown hangs on the ground and form a pretty circle around me (I know my description sucks hahahah). The BEST part, this dress fits me perfectly without having to alter it! What are the chances right? It felt like this dress was made for me 😉

So I would highly recommend brides-to-be to check out The Wedding Present because I really feel that their prices are very reasonable (I did check out their normal package prices too even though I don’t need it) and that their service is fantastic.

Phew, this was such a lengthy post. Sorry that I had some kind of a verbal diarrhea :p

I will try to do up the other posts soon too! Any questions, leave a comment or email 🙂


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  1. Reblogged this on vows and knots.


    August 17, 2012 at 8:43 PM

  2. mad gorgeous u! congratulations again! 🙂


    August 20, 2012 at 1:44 AM

  3. Hi there!
    i know i’m commenting on a super old entry. But i just wanna rant abit since you were also a z wedding customer.
    I have to agree with you that i dread going to their studio cos everytime i walk out me and my HTB felt so unhappy. The people there are so fake & insincere. I paid so much & i expected a good service. Their gowns aren’t that fantastic as what people said.

    I won’t recommend anyone to Z wedding.


    August 22, 2014 at 3:27 PM

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