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Days of my Life (4)

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It’s been way too long. I just got back from a work trip in Adelaide, before that I was in Shanghai for a short holiday as well, and next week I will be heading over to the States for my honeymoon 🙂

Not too long ago I was still complaining that I haven’t been on holidays and right now, I am jetting off almost every week! ;p

I have a lot of overdue photos, but thought I should start with food, because come on, who doesn’t love looking at food photos right?!

1) Baywater prawn linguine from House @ Dempsey. I always order this when I go there! Craving for it as I look at the photo haha.

2) cheesecake I made for my brother’s birthday in August that was a hit with everyone. The recipe I used is here 🙂

  3) Korean food at Goldhill Plaza! Very authentic, and expensive. Oh well o_o

4) Tried this recipe the other day because we had some chicken breasts left from a BBQ the night before. Didn’t taste as good as I expected it to be! It was good, but I just thought it would be cheesier.

5) Butter chicken at Goldhill Plaza with my new Sonny Angel that I got for 2 other friends too. I just had butter chicken again last night and I will be going there again and again. Yes to places with no service charge!


Now excuse me while I go run some errands and also book some beauty appointments before my trip next Friday. Xx



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September 27, 2012 at 12:13 PM

Pink Lips.

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After moving to my new place, I cleared out some stuff that I do not want anymore because the space that I have now is very limited. Previously, I had 2 places (one at my current place and one at my mom’s place) to store everything so I didn’t realize how much I have accumulated! 😦

I was looking through my lipstick collection trying to decide what to throw out/give away and having fun swatching them which makes it even more difficult for me to part with some of them haha, and these 2 lipsticks caught my eye.

Revlon – Pink in the afternoon and NYX – Tea Rose

Pinks is my favorite lip color because I love pink blush. I thought of blogging about them because they appeared almost the same on my lips.


The swatch on the left is Revlon while the right is NYX. Revlon’s Pink in the afternoon appeared slightly more orangey than NYX’s Tea Rose but honestly I couldn’t see much of a difference on my lips except that Revlon’s one appeared just a little more matte.

Just a boring story on how I chose to say goodbye to my NYX’s Tea Rose. Maybe more to come, or reviews hmmm…

Thank you for reading as usual, X

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September 6, 2012 at 12:06 AM

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The ‘Use-it-up’ Project (10) – August Edition

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Hello September! *cues Wake me up when September comes*

Kidding, I don’t want to wake up even though it’s September. Wake me up when I have enough money to get a beach house and retire lol.

Jokes aside, August is a bumper month for me! Usually I aim to finish around 5 products but I actually manage to finish 8 products this time round! I was actually contemplating on keeping the 3 products so I won’t feel so stressful this month but I decided that I should just go with it and try to finish another 5 products in September yay 😀

1) Clinique – Clarifying Lotion 2

why did I buy it? Part of the travel set I got to try out their products.

first impressions? hated it because I felt that it stings my face too badly!

upon finishing? after putting it away for some time, I decided to use it again because after all, I am on this project and I heard that recently I had found that toner really does make a difference in my skin. After getting used to the stinging feeling, I concluded that it is not too bad of a product and I am actually considering repurchasing it because it really made my face feel very clean! The only factor that is stopping me is that it may actually be drying my skin out due to the presence of alcohol ;(

2) Clinique – Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

why did I buy it? Part of the travel set I got to try out their products.

first impressions? love love love it! it absorbs very well into my skin and don’t make it feel over-moisturized (if there’s such a thing).

upon finishing? when I was left with a little lotion left, I actually put it aside and used other moisturizers because I couldn’t bear to use it up haha. Will definitely repurchase it when I head back to the States in October 🙂

3) Benefit – Triple Performing Facial Emulsion (oil-free, spf 15 PA++)

why did I buy it? Part of the 6-piece intro kit I got to try out their skincare.

first impressions? a little too thick for me =o I was actually quite surprised because it is supposed to be oil- free.

upon finishing? didn’t like it any better from when I first started using it so I am glad that I got it as part of the intro kit! took me about a month to finish it with daily usage.

4) Benefit – Total Moisture Facial Cream

why did I buy it? Part of the 6-piece intro kit I got to try out their skincare.

first impressions? smells good and is really hydrating!

upon finishing? I actually do enjoy using it but I don’t have the urge to go out and get another one immediately. I think it’s because it’s a cream texture and not because it doesn’t work. I just very much prefer water/gel-like textures. Also, although it is said to be for normal to dry skintypes, it works for me too (I’m normal-oily) so yay 🙂 I used it as a night moisturizer since I already knew that it will be heavy for a day time moisturizer (for me anyway!).

5) Benefit – It’s Potent! Eyecream

why did I buy it? Part of the 6-piece intro kit I got to try out their skincare.

first impressions? didn’t like it because it’s in a jar and it’s rather heavy.

upon finishing? I felt that it was just normal? I haven’t really tried any eye creams that are fantastic, probably the best one I’ve had is Clinique’s All About Eyes eye cream because it really hydrates the skin around my eye area and reduce the appearance of darkness.

6) Hanskin – pH Balance Essence Skin Super Solution

why did I buy it? I wanted to incorporate toner into my daily routine and I happened to be in Seoul at that time so I picked up one from Hanskin.

first impressions? I felt that it didn’t really make a difference so I stopped using it after a few times.

upon finishing? Toner really works! Especially if you are using bb cream since it tends to clog your pores. This is a very gentle toner and I like it. Smells good too! Though it is difficult for me to try and get in Singapore and I will most likely try out a lot of different toners before deciding on what works best haha.

7) DirtyWorks – Bare Necessity Body Lotion

why did I buy it? got a Dirtyworks Body Wash in my May’s Bellabox and I was saying that I wanted a lotion, and my friend saw it and decided to do an exchange with me because she would prefer the Body wash!

first impressions? wow smells good and absorbs pretty well.

upon finishing? overall a good product, may consider repurchasing it but I would very much want to use my money on new lotions to try them out! :p

8) Integrate – Eyebrow Pencil in BR641

why did I buy it? got it in 1 of Tokyo’s drugstore one day after I dyed my hair and needed a lighter brow pencil. I had always used powder before that because everyone kept saying that it’s more natural but I decided to give this a try.

first impressions? works really well in creating soft strokes so my brows look natural.

upon finishing? I really like it a lot and it has given me the courage to get another brow pencil by ZA. ZA’s one is pretty good too!


And that’s the end of a longer than usual post. Leave a comment if you ever embark on this project, I would love to see what you have used up. Thanks for reading XO

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September 2, 2012 at 5:00 PM