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Pink Lips.

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After moving to my new place, I cleared out some stuff that I do not want anymore because the space that I have now is very limited. Previously, I had 2 places (one at my current place and one at my mom’s place) to store everything so I didn’t realize how much I have accumulated! 😦

I was looking through my lipstick collection trying to decide what to throw out/give away and having fun swatching them which makes it even more difficult for me to part with some of them haha, and these 2 lipsticks caught my eye.

Revlon – Pink in the afternoon and NYX – Tea Rose

Pinks is my favorite lip color because I love pink blush. I thought of blogging about them because they appeared almost the same on my lips.


The swatch on the left is Revlon while the right is NYX. Revlon’s Pink in the afternoon appeared slightly more orangey than NYX’s Tea Rose but honestly I couldn’t see much of a difference on my lips except that Revlon’s one appeared just a little more matte.

Just a boring story on how I chose to say goodbye to my NYX’s Tea Rose. Maybe more to come, or reviews hmmm…

Thank you for reading as usual, X


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September 6, 2012 at 12:06 AM

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