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Days of my Life (4)

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It’s been way too long. I just got back from a work trip in Adelaide, before that I was in Shanghai for a short holiday as well, and next week I will be heading over to the States for my honeymoon 🙂

Not too long ago I was still complaining that I haven’t been on holidays and right now, I am jetting off almost every week! ;p

I have a lot of overdue photos, but thought I should start with food, because come on, who doesn’t love looking at food photos right?!

1) Baywater prawn linguine from House @ Dempsey. I always order this when I go there! Craving for it as I look at the photo haha.

2) cheesecake I made for my brother’s birthday in August that was a hit with everyone. The recipe I used is here 🙂

  3) Korean food at Goldhill Plaza! Very authentic, and expensive. Oh well o_o

4) Tried this recipe the other day because we had some chicken breasts left from a BBQ the night before. Didn’t taste as good as I expected it to be! It was good, but I just thought it would be cheesier.

5) Butter chicken at Goldhill Plaza with my new Sonny Angel that I got for 2 other friends too. I just had butter chicken again last night and I will be going there again and again. Yes to places with no service charge!


Now excuse me while I go run some errands and also book some beauty appointments before my trip next Friday. Xx



Written by whitepaperroses

September 27, 2012 at 12:13 PM

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