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Makan Trip over the long weekend!

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For those who don’t know, makan is malay for eat.

My friends and I (5 of of us in total) wanted to drive to KL in November for a foodie trip but because of some unforeseen circumstances, we decided to shift it to last weekend instead. I’m still amazed by how we managed to coordinate everything in a week’s time and had an awesome time!

I shall not write too much in this post, but be warned first that this post mainly has food pictures and there is A LOT.

Let’s go!

1) A&W’s corney dog, trying it for the first time (usually I have the chicken). Still don’t get why everyone raves over A&W, it’s just another fast food joint to me.

2) Finally in Petaling Jaya and we had dim sum for lunch at Jin Xuan Hong Kong (锦选香港特极点心)! The prawns were so fresh ❤ And the siew mai is damn good too, haven’t had a good siew mai in a long long time.

3) SnowFlake Dessert – T and I shared this huge bowl that was bigger than my palm.

4) Dinner at 李雄记冷气酒家. Every dish is mouth-watering good!

5) Random close ups of 2 dishes haha.

6) Did you think we were done?! Seriously, don’t under-estimate us yo :p Ken brought us to a mamak, which is a place that sells indian muslim food. The cheese naan is da bomb! SG’s version is weak compared to this. And they even give us condensed milk to dip the naan in, how sinful is that? =o

7) Mango special & Lychee special.

8) And finally, our last meal for the FIRST day. Ice ka chang at a hawker nearby! Look at the number of spoons, teehee 😉

The next day, our plan was to drive to Kuala Selangor for seafood, paddy fields and fireflies at night.

9) On our way there, we spotted a cendol drive-through. So cool! Of course we have to try, it was actually quite good considering the fact that I’ve never liked cendol, but this one is just right for my taste buds 😀

10) Reached the seafood place for lunch. Having lunch by a river is always nice, because of the constant wind. I love to smell the salt in the air ^^

11) Part 1 of our meal. Only the calamari stood out, the rest was just meh. The bamboo clams were kind of stinky so we had to send them back to the kitchen!

12) The 2 types of crabs we ordered. Nothing fantastic either, some of the crabs didn’t seem fresh and my friends agreed too.

13) Random self shot. Sunnies from Tokyo, I miss that place so much!

14) And finally we reached the paddy fields. We didn’t know what stage the paddy fields would be in, just planted or, but thankfully it was all green and pretty, waving to us with the help of the breeze.

15) With the love of my life 🙂

16) Went to the beach (Redang) and we all took photos with this sign. 适耕庄!

17) Some obligatory photos of the beach, very similar to Singapore’s beaches so it didn’t catch my eye at all. I enjoyed the mangoes that were sold by the beach more.

18) Me being happy.

We then headed to Bukit Melawati for its light house and monkeys.

19) Silver leaf monkeys sitting around not bothered by the numerous tourists snapping away.

19) A long-tailed Macaque (be careful of them! they can get rather aggressive) and the light house.

And then we headed for more food. We had more activities planned so didn’t eat as often as the first day but each meal was so filling.

20) Beggar’s Chicken. The meat was so tender, and very flavorful! My favorite dish 😀

21) 8-treasure rice and pork knuckle.

We then headed to Kampung Kuantan to watch the fireflies, or know as kelip-kelip in malay. The name is so cute, the whole night I tried to use it as often as I can lol. I don’t have any photos because cameras just can’t seem to capture the lights but it will be something remembered in my heart forever. Although I do not want to remember the fear of being on a sampan when it’s very dark on the river with the possibility of crocodiles appearing.

The next day is Sunday, which is when we are due to return to Singapore. But not before having more food! This time, we drove to Klang for bak kut teh. The original place that serves bak kut teh is some place called Seng Huat Bak Kut Teh but Ken’s auntie said that it isn’t very hygienic so we went Pao Xiang instead. Later we learnt that Singapore has Pao Xiang too at Marina Square! Should probably head over there to try and see if there’s any difference in taste.

22) Our last meal in Malaysia. Bak Kut Teh!

And that marks the end of our food adventure, and we will definitely be planning more in the future! Not near though, we need to do some serious dieting first hehe. 

Thanks for reading and hope I didn’t make you too hungry :p xx


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October 30, 2012 at 10:43 PM

End of makeup ban + a tiny haul from the States

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Previous trips to the States have always resulted in me bringing back massive amounts of skincare and makeup because I love watching beauty gurus on Youtube and whatever they have raved about, I have this uncontrollable urge to get it. Doesn’t matter if I already have a million neutral eyeshadow shades in my collection, or 5000 pink blushers. I MUST HAVE WHAT THEY ARE HAVING.

Honestly, I do not know what is wrong with me 😦

But this time round, I managed to control myself and mostly got items that I really need! *pats self on shoulder* ^__^

Here’s a photo I posted on Instagram.

I thought I would go over each of the item and why I bought them as well, because I’ve always enjoyed doing such posts.

1) Maybelline – Baby Lips in Peppermint and Pink Punch
I knew I had wanted the pink punch as soon as I saw on YT how pigmented it was. That would be great for a lazy, less-makeup day to brighten up the complexion. I struggled between getting the peppermint or quenched, and decided on peppermint because for its SPF 20. Old me would have gotten peppermint and quenched but new me figured that by the time I finished using these 2 baby lips, I would be bored of the product and itching to try new ones.

2) Clinique – Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
I have used it before and loved it, so I am getting it again in the travel size because I have 3 moisturizers that I am currently trying to use up. This will be part of my travel kit!

3) Origins – Zero Oil 
This sounds like an interesting product so I thought I would give it a try. It is described as having nature’s shine-fighters, including astringent Winterbloom, oil-absorbing minerals and purifying Chinese Camphor, banish oily shine instantly and create a lasting matte finish.

4) Neutrogena – Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask
Ingrid from missglamorazzi  is always raving about it, and I was just about to finish up my current cleanser so I thought I would give it a try. Seems cool that I can use this as a mask as well, just gotta leave it on longer and then wash it off. If I am not wrong, this is only available in the States so all the more I wanted to get it!

5) Essie Nail Polishes – Penny talk & A cut above

It has been a ritual for me to get Essie nail polishes everytime I go to the States. I don’t even apply nail polishes that much myself as I try to go for a manicure every now and then but I just love how their bottles look! This time round, the colors look amazing and I can’t to try them out.

6) Clarisonic – brush heads for sensitive skin
Getting 2 brush heads to last me for at least half a year before I head back to the States next summer. Clarisonic has been working just average for me, or maybe it’s because I don’t have many problems anyway so I decided not to do the review. I will still continue to use it though because I have spent so much money on it, and also prevention is better than cure!

7) Sephora – Smudger brush
My current smudger brush is not precise enough so I wanted to buy an even smaller one. This is also on sale, so score!

8) Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil Liner in Demolition
I used to be a gel liner girl but recently, I’ve been loving the look of liquid eyeliner over pencil liner. And I’ve absolutely been loving using just pencil liners as well. Have a black liner, very dark brown, a light brown shimmery one but no medium-dark brown! ;P Have been wanting to try out Urban Decay’s 24/7 liners for the longest time anyway.

9) MAC blush in Miss Behave

It was from a collection sometime ago (I lost track of MAC collections because they had too many!) and I really like the heart shape motif so I decided to get it. What’s one more pink blush when I already have such a huge collection?


And that marks my tiny beauty haul from the States. Less than 10 items! Aren’t you proud of me? Lol…

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October 22, 2012 at 9:51 PM

what I’ve been wearing…(14)

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I am back! At least for now lol. Just got back from our honeymoon in the States and that was so awesome! Spending every minute with your loved one is pure bliss. I am thankful that for all the beautiful sights seen, it was with the one I love ❤ We are already planning our next trip there, tentatively next summer with my parents!

Well, here’s one outfit that I wore before heading to the States. I’ve been really enjoying chiffon tops recently! However, I only know to pair them with a mid-thigh length skirt. Any other ideas on how to pair them?

1) top from H&M, skirt from BKK

I also did a red lip but my iphone camera doesn’t seem to capture it well. Oh never mind, I am still putting it up because camwhore shots are never enough and my winged eyeliner looks pretty! Haven’t done a winged liner for a long time and it took some practice before I could get it right =o

Hope to get my travel photos up soon! X

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October 17, 2012 at 11:50 AM

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The ‘Use-it-up’ Project (11) – September Edition

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My favorite part of the month! Even if I can’t find the motivation to blog about other things, I will try to do this. Maybe in future you will only see monthly updates haha just kiddng :p

Managed to hit the quota of 5 things by using up some samples. Is that considered cheating? =o

1) M.A.D Minerals – Indelible Crease-Proof Waterproof Smudge-Proof Creme Eye Shadows in Apricot Frost

why did I buy it? I wanted to get their pigments so I thought why not give this a try too? At that time, I remembered I just started using makeup and was open to all kinds of products. Actually I am still that way now, just that it has become an addiction now.

first impressions? loved the color, and applied rather smoothly but somehow I never used it a lot. Guess I was just too distracted by many other new products that I was constantly purchasing *hangs head in shame*

upon finishing? I feel that it dried out really quickly. I didn’t finish this actually, and I have no idea why I didn’t chuck this out earlier. This project is helping me in tiny ways by clearing some of my unused makeup yay 🙂

2) Kiehl’s – Calendula Herbal Extract Toner

why did I buy it? got it in June’s Bellabox.

first impressions? I was really excited to try this out because I’m starting to discover the wonders of toner and this is supposed to be a cult product plus it was raved by Kaykay as well. But after finishing the Clinique toner, this felt too mild for my skin. Plus the flowers petals got a little too annoying for me because for the last few uses, I felt like I was struggling to get more product out while the petals were right there in my way.

upon finishing? won’t repurchase this since it’s just meh for my skin but I am looking to try out other Kiehl’s toners.

3) TheFaceShop – the smim Toner

why did I buy it? got it along with the many samples I received from TheFaceShop while I was in Seoul. Mega hearts Korean shops for being so generous with giving out samples!

first impressions? Feels really refreshing! I don’t have any full size toners now so I am using up these sample sizes (8ml/bottle). A few more bottles to go.

upon finishing? I may look to purchase this in future as it does hydrate and cleanse my skin well, has a nice smell too! The only thing I don’t like about it I seem to have to use a lot of it? Or it might be due to the fact that this is a small bottle, so the contrast just seems huge haha.

4) Skinfood – Aloe Water Eye&Lip Remover

why did I buy it? One can never have enough of eye makeup removers. Bought it while I was in Seoul as well.

first impressions? takes too much effort for me to try to remove my eye makeup!

upon finishing? I did learn how to use it a little better, like holding it for a few more seconds than I usually would for other removers, and also I learnt that certain eyeliners can’t be removed well with this (for example, BareMinerals pencil liner). One good thing is that it is very gentle for the eyes, so I guess if you have very sensitive eyes and use little eye makeup you could give this a try. If not, you might be like me finding it difficult trying to finish this bottle and being frustrated every time it doesn’t remove the eye makeup well!

5) TheBodyShop – Neroli Jasmin Shower Gel

why did I buy it? it was just something that I got during their sale because I remembered trying it before and liking the scent. So I thought I could get it and use it for travel.

first impressions? I love jasmine smells. I have a lot of friends who don’t like it but scents are very subjective.

upon finishing? I am actually using the full sized bottle now :p It leaves a very faint smell on my body but it doesn’t last long and there’s no conflicts with my perfume so that doesn’t really bother me.



And that’s it for this month! I am so excited about my upcoming honeymoon that I can’t stop smiling to myself the entire afternoon. Just thinking about getting to see T again, and chilling by the pool with cocktails…of course, holidays always put me in a good mood.

I have also started picking up reading again and am currently on Cold Tangerines: Celebrating the Extraordinary Nature of Everyday Life by Niequist, Shauna. Right now, there is a story that I like very much and a few phrases that totally strike a chord in my heart. Will share them when I finish the book.

Ok I am off to bed now. X

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October 3, 2012 at 12:26 AM